Season 47, Episode 18

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 What short adjective links the common name of the deer, Cervus Elaphus, the title star that includes proximis.Red is correct
The first set of bonuses are on an island, St John's.
1Featured in the BBC's Planet Earth II series, Zavodovski Island is in which uninhabited island group under British sovereignty? It shares its name, in part, with a former name of the Hawaiian Islands.South Sandwich Islands
1Zavodovski Island has been described as the smelliest on earth because of fumes emitted from which volcano, also known as Mount Curry. It shares its name with the Greek-derived term for suffocation.AsphyxiaIt is Mount Asphyxia, yes
1Another reason for the bad smells on Zavodovski is guano. The island is home to more than a million members of the chinstrap and macaroni species of which sea bird?Penguin
2The quote "I have discovered a truly wonderful proof. "But the margin is too small to contain it." Which French Mathematician.Pierre Fermat
His Last Theorem. Right, your first bonuses, Corpus Christi, are on choreographers. Name each person from a brief biography.
2Born 1894, her eponymous technique is based on a principle of contraction and release. The first dancer to perform at The White House, her influence on the medium has been compared to Picasso on modern visual arts.DuncanNo, it's Martha Graham
2Born in 1918, he played a crucial role in the development of the American Ballet Theatre, and the New York City Ballet, and choreographed stage musicals such as West Side Story in 1957 and Fiddler on the Roof in 1964.BalanchineNo, it's Jerome Robbins
2Finally, a director and choreographer whose distinctive style often used chairs and hats as props, notably in the 1972 film, Cabaret, for which he won the Best Director Academy Award.Bob Fosse
3An early example of a woman publishing in English under her own name, Prayers Or Meditations is a work by which royal figure?Catherine Parr
These bonuses are on thermodynamics, St Johns.
3Denoted by the letter C, with no subscript, what two word term is used for the energy transferred by heating a sample, divided by the resulting temperature change.Heat capacity
3The specific heat capacity of a sample is obtained by dividing the heat capacity by what quantity?The mass
3At constant pressure on the specific heat capacity of air is approximately one joule per Kelvin per gram. So the nearest integer, what is the specific heat capacity of liquid water under the same conditions in those units?Four
4Which capital city in the European Union has a longitude of 18 degrees east, similar to that of Dubrovnik, and a latitude of 59 degrees north. That is around seven and a half degrees north of London.HelsinkiStockholm
You get bonuses on The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.
4Offred, the protagonist of The Handmaid's Tale lives in which fictional republic? It shares its name with an ancient region mentioned in the Book Of Judges.Gilead
4In The Handmaid's Tale, what six letter term denotes a female domestic servant, in the New Testament it's the name of the sister of Mary and Lazarus.Martha
4After a despotic queen in the first Book Of Kings, what is the nickname of the elicit club to which The Commander takes Offred.Jezebel
5In physics, what term denotes an interaction between a particle and its anti-particle.Annihilation
You get a set of bonuses on mutinies, Corpus Christi.
5Which plain in County Kildare gives its name to an incident or mutiny of March 1914 in which British army officers threatened to resign rather than move against Ulster opponents of Home Rule?The plains of Wexfordit's the Curragh, the Curragh Mutiny, it's known as
5Which year saw the costly failure of the Nivelle Offensive, which was followed by widespread mutinies in the French army?1797No, it's 1917
5Which port gives its name to a revolt of the German high seas fleet that precipitated the German revolution and the Armistice of November 1918?Kiel
6For your picture starter, you'll see an abridged index of first lines from a notable collection of poetry. Ten points if you can tell me the poet whose works are thus represented.T S Eliot
For your picture bonuses we've again abridged the first lines of three notable poetry collections. This time, however, for the points I want the poet and the title of the collection.
6Firstly for five.Sylvia Plath and Ariel
6Secondly.A E Housman and A Shropshire Lad
6And finally.Blake, Songs Of Innocence And Experience
7What descriptive name links beetles in the family Cerambycidae - characterised by long antennae and having larvae, that typically bore into wood - and either of two breeds of beef cattle, one developed in England and the other in the South West in the United States, particularly Texas.Longhorn
These bonuses are on geography, St John's.
7In each case, give the predominant cardinal direction in which one would travel in the shortest straight line from the first city to the second, for example, Leeds to Hull is east.West
7Secondly, Sydney to Brisbane.North
7And finally, San Paolo to Rio de Janeiro.East
8In Bizet's Carmen, the Aria Love Is A Rebellious Bird is an example of what dance in 2/4 time, particularly associated with Cuba?Habanera
These bonuses are on geology, St John's.
8What Greek-derived general term denotes the process by which mountain ranges are formed from the compression of the Earth's crust by the collision of tectonic plates?Pass
8And secondly, what name is given to the movement of one tectonic plate underneath another at a convergent plate margin.Subduction
8Named after a region of southern Peru which tectonic plate is subducting underneath the South American plate at the Peru-Chile Trench?The Nazca Plate
9What SI derived unit might be indirectly expressed as one weber per tesla, or one newton per pascal or (10 to the 28) barns?The metre squared
You get a set of bonuses, Corpus Christi on the artist, Edouard Manet.
9Firstly a naked woman sits with two clothed men in contemporary dress in which painting by Manet?OlympiaNo, it's Le Dejuener Sur l'herbe
9And secondly, named after its silver deposits which town on the Seine, northwest of Paris is the scene of an 1874 work depicting Claude Monet painting on a boat?AsnieresNo, it's Argenteuil
9And finally, completed the year before his death and now in The Courtauld Gallery, an 1882 painting by Manet portrays a barmaid at which Paris venue?Folies Bergere
10The residents of a monarchy that was overthrown in 1893, the Iolani Palace is in which city of the Pacific ocean?Honolulu
You get three bonuses on a bacterial genus.
10Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in a mould that prevented the growth of bacteria belonging to which genus?StreptococcusNo, it's Staphylococcus
10In the gram stain test to identify bacteria, a thicker layer of which polymer in the cell wall increases the ability of staphylococci to retain the dye?Peptidoglycan
10Under the microscope, which fruit does staphylococci resemble as result of cell division in three planes rather than one?Grapes
11For your music starter, you're going to hear a piece of classical music by a German composer,. Ten points if you can identify the composer. Brahms. StraussNo, it's Carl Maria von Weber's invitation to the dance, so
12What short term is used for the property of particles observed by Otto Stern and Walter Gerlach.Spin
Right, you heard in the music starter part of Weber's Invitation To The Dance, it's held to be one of the first concert waltzes. Rather than being a piece meant for dancing it's a programmatic work telling the story of a couple at the ball. Your music bonuses are three later programmatic waltzes, five points for the composer of each.
12Firstly, for five.GershwinNo, that's by Ravel. La Valse
12And secondly.DebussyNo, that's Sibelius' Valse Triste
12And finally.ChopinNo, that's Liszt, his Mephisto Waltz Number One
13Right, ten points for this, in China from 1958 The Great Leap Forward saw a campaign to eliminate the four pests. Sparrows.
So you get a set of bonuses now on European Romanticism. Name the language in which each of the following works was originally written.
13Firstly, the play Ernani first performed in 1830, it was later adapted by Verdi, with Antonio Superchi playing the Roman Emperor Charles V at its operatic premier.Don CarlosNo, it was French
13Adam Miskevitch's multiple volume poem, Dziady, known in English as Forefather's Eve was originally written in which language?Polish
13And finally the collection given the English title Hymns To The Night, first published in 1800 by the author known by his pen name Novalis was originally written in.German
14What given name of varying spellings links the authors of French Provincial Cooking, the Wombles, Aurora Lee and North And South.Elizabeth
Your bonuses are on capitalism this time, St John's, in each case name the author of the following.
14The 2010 work 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism.PassHa-Joon Chang
14Secondly, the 1926 work, Religion And The Rise Of Capitalism.EngelsNo, it's R H Tawney
14And finally the 2007 work The Shock Doctrine: The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism.Naomi Klein
15On The Cult Of Personality And It's Consequences was a speech that denounced which former national leader?Stalin. Stalin is correct, it was delivered by Khrushchev, of course, in 1956
Your bonuses are on European countries. In each case give the demonym that results in the following suggestions when keyed into Google auto-complete. For example, cottage, army knife and chard would give Swiss.
15Firstly, which adjective from a country name gives deadlift?RussianNo, it's Romanian
15Which one gives a Vizsla, a type of hunting dog?Hungarian
15Finally, which demonym gives tea urn?Russian
16For your picture starter you'll see a painting, for ten points name the artist.Gericault? GoyaNo, it's Delacroix. That was La Giaour
17In computing what form of cyber attack do the letters DDOS.Distributed Denial Of Service That's correct, yes
You'll recall that the picture starter was Delacroix's version of La Giaour by Byron. You're going to see three more paintings, this time all by British artists, that take their inspiration from the works of Byron.
17Five points for each artist you can name.Ben JonesNo that's by Maddox Brown, Ford Maddox Brown, it's Manfred On The Jungfrau
17And secondly.TurnerNo that's John Martin's Manfred On The Jungfrau
17And finally.Turner. It was The Bright Stone Of Honour And The Tomb Of Marceau, from Childe Harold
18In a poem by W H Auden, in his collection Another Time, the writer uses the phrase, "A low dishonest decade" to refer to which decade of the twentieth century?1920sThe 1930s
Right, your bonuses this time St John's are on Shakespeare, in each case simply identify the play in which the following lines appear.
18In which play does Grumio have the lines, "Thou knowest winter tames man, woman "and beast, for it hath tamed my old master and my new mistress."CoriolanusNo, it's The Taming Of The Shrew
18Secondly in which play does Amiens sing "Blow, blow thou winter wind, thou art not so unkind as man's ingratitude."As You Like It
18And finally which play opens with the Duke of Gloucester's lines, "Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious "summer by this son of York".Richard III
19In the vertebrate immune system, for what do the letters "NK" stand when referring.Natural killer
Your bonuses, St John's are on cricketing terminology from the glossary of ESPNcricinfo. In each case, give the term from the definition. All three are five letter words.
19Firstly, the area of a pitch that is scuffed up and loosened by the action of the bowler running through in his follow through.Rough
19Secondly the same as a slog, but most used for onside shots.PassThat's a hoik
19And finally a ball that curves through the air, as opposed to off the seam.PassIt's Swing
20The Great Learning and The Doctrine of the Mean are among the four books central to the teachings of which traditional East Asian system of morals and political thought.Confucianism
Your bonuses, Corpus Christi this time are on Norwegian writers.
20My Struggle is the English title of the series of six self-examining accounts of the day-to-day life of which Norwegian author, whose work has been described as autobiographical fiction?StrinbergNo, it's Karl Ove Knausgaard
20Which international bestseller by Jostein Gaarder revolves around a series of lessons in the history of philosophy given to a 14-year-old schoolgirl?From Socrates DownNo, it's Sophie's World
20Finally, a somewhat surprising bestseller, which non-fiction work by Lars Mytting is concerned with the felling and chopping of trees.SpruceNo, it's Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking And Drying Wood The Scandinavian Way
21In Automotive engineering, the Cetane number measures the ignition quality of what specific type of fuel?Diesel
You get bonuses on chess terminology.
21Which defensive manoeuvre is the only time in a chess game when a player may move more than one of their own pieces, during a single move?Castling
21What term is applied to a pawn that has no other pawns of the same colour on adjoining files?A pass pawnIt's just known as an isolated pawn
21Referring to an unprotected piece which can be captured which two-word French term literally means "in take".En Prise
22What name links two saints, one born around 1090, worked to restore Cistercian monasticism, the second founded hospices near the two alpine passes that bear his name.Bernard
Your bonuses are on Archbishops Of Canterbury now, Corpus Christi.
22What is the surname of the father and son who both died in office as Archbishop Of Canterbury in 1902 and 1944, respectively.LangNo, it's Temple
22Succeeding Frederick Temple in 1903, who served as Archbishop of Canterbury for the next 25 years, the longest continuous term in the position since the sixteenth century.No that was Randall Thomas Davidson