Season 47, Episode 16

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 Quote, "A woman, especially if she had the misfortune of knowing "anything, should conceal it as well as she can". Who wrote those words in a novel published posthumously in 1818?Jane Austen. That was in Northanger Abbey
You get a set of bonuses on birds, UCL.
1"Spink" and "shelled apple" are dialect names for which bird? Carl Linnaeus gave it the binomial Fringilla coelebs after the Latin for "bachelor", when he observed that the female migrates further south in winter than the male?SwallowIt's the chaffinch
1Which bird does Bottom refer to as the "ousel cock" in A Midsummer Night's Dream? It's also known poetically as the merle.CuckooNo, it's the blackbird
1Found in the west of mainland Britain, the ring ouzel is a member of the family given what common name, for which the Latin is Turdus?Thrushes
2In linguistics, what six letter term describes words such as kith, wend, shrift and petard, that occur only in set phrases or idioms, and are otherwise obsolete? In palaeontology, the same term denotes a relic of an organism buried and then permanently preserved, often in.Fossil
These bonuses are on crime and punishment in the Old Testament, UCL.
2In which book of the Old Testament is it commanded, "Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed", and "Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material"? It is the only book in the Bible named after a tribe of Israel.Leviticus
2In the second book of Kings, the prophet Elisha is mocked for his baldness by children from the town of Bethel. As a punishment for this, 42 of the town's children were torn to pieces by what animals?Bears
2In the book of Genesis, Canaan is rendered "a servant of servants unto his brethren" as punishment for the disrespectful actions of Ham, towards which Biblical figure, who was also his father?Noah
3Following the Armistice in November, 1918, troops of France and which other country occupied the Rhineland town of Neustadt?ItalyNo, it's Siam, or Thailand
4What six-letter word links the star also known as Alpha Geminorum, the plant from which ricin is obtained, the genus of rodents.Castor
Your bonuses this time are on physics, UCL.
4Born in 1824, which German physicist coined the term black body radiation? He gives his name to various laws applying to spectroscopy, radiation, thermo-chemistry, and electric circuits.HelmholtzNo, it's Gustav Kirchhoff
4According to one of Kirchhoff's laws of spectroscopy, if light with a continuous spectrum passes through a cool low-density gas, what type of spectrum is produced?DiscreteNo, it's absorption
4Finally, Kirchhoff's current law of electric circuits says that the sum of all currents in a set of wires that meet at a point should add up to what?Zero
510 points if you can identify the Metropolitan administrative unit highlighted in green, named after its largest settlement.Bradford
Your bonuses are three more of England's Metropolitan boroughs, highlighted in green. For five points, I simply need you to identify them.
5Firstly.Hebden BridgeNo, that's the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham
5Secondly.CoventryNo, it's Solihull
5And, finally.The Wirral
6The code number nine and the descriptor "phenomenal", corresponding to a height of over 14 metres, is the largest value of a scale measuring what natural phenomenon?Waves
You're getting a set of bonuses this time on the biographer Claire Tomalin.
6Firstly, who was the subject of Claire Tomalin's first biography, published in 1974? The author of Thoughts On The Education Of Daughters, she died in 1797, soon after the birth of her daughter Mary.Mary Wollstonecraft
6Mrs Jordan's Profession concerns the actress Dora Jordan, a paramour of which future king? Together they had ten illegitimate children, all of whom took the surname FitzClarence.William IV
6In The Invisible Woman, Claire Tomalin tells the story of Nelly Ternan's relationship with which 19th-century novelist, of whom Tomalin published a biography in 2011?Dickens
7"Economic control is not merely control of the sector "of human life which can be separated from the rest, "it is the control of the means for all our ends." Which Nobel laureate made that argument against socialism in his book the Road To Serfdom?Hayek
Right, St Hughes, your bonuses are on memory.
7In 1885, Hermann Ebbinghaus described what process as a curve? The US psychologist Daniel Schachter later deemed it to be an essential function of human memory, allowing it to work efficiently.Learning curveNo, it's forgetting
7Schachter described the ways in which memory formation and retrieval can malfunction, including misattribution and bias. How many sins of memory did he detail in total?Seven
7Which US psychologist discussed the unreliability of recovered memory in The Formation Of False Memories, her 1995 paper co-authored with Jacqueline Pickrell?PinkerNo, it was Elizabeth Loftus
8Pathfinders, The Golden Age Of Arabic Science, and Paradox, The Nine Greatest Enigmas In Physics, are works by which scientist and broadcaster.Jim Al-Khalili
Right, your bonuses are on calques, or loan translations.
8That is, words and expressions that originated in another language and were translated into English. Firstly, "loanword", "thought experiment", and "world view" are terms that were originally translations from which language?German
8"Brainwashed", "paper tiger", and "running dog" are all translations of terms in which language? I think it's Chinese because Mao called the country a paper tiger.Chinese
8What language is the origin of loan translations, including "free verse", "staircase wit", and the name of the flower forget-me-not?French
9Originally used to refer to the practice of drawing a person into marriage with someone regarded as socially inferior, which verb is now more generally used to mean to undervalue, or to lower in esteem?Sandbag. DiscountNo, it's disparage
10In biochemistry, which amino acid has a side chain with a structure CH2SH? It's one of the building blocks of keratin.Cystine
These bonuses are on transuranium elements.
10Discovered in 1974, element number 106 was named after which US Nobel laureate? He and his co-workers discovered eight transuranium elements between 1941 and 55.Seaborg
10Atomic number 96, which element was discovered by Seaborg and his team in 1944, and named after two other chemists who'd done ground-breaking work in radioactivity?Curium
10And finally, for five points, produced in 1955 by the bombardment of Einsteinium with helium, which actinoid was named after the Russian who developed the periodic table?Mendelevium
11For your music starter, you'll hear a piece of popular music. # Continental drift divide.REM
Now, according to Spotify, that song, It's The End Of The World As We Know It, experienced a significant increase in the number of listeners the day after the 2016 US presidential election. Your bonuses are three more songs that had a similar upsurge in their number of Spotify listeners on November 9th, 2016.
11Firstly, name either of the people listed as artists for this song. # All around me are familiar faces.Tears For FearsIt's Gary Jules and Michael Andrews, the two artists
11Secondly, name the artist on this song. # How much a dollar really cost? # The question is detrimental # Paralysing my thoughts # Parasites in my stomach keep me with a gut feeling.# Kendrick Lamar
11And finally. # Don't worry # About a thing.Bob Marley
12I need the precise three-word name here. Players assume the role of a powerful wizard known as a Planeswalker in which.Magic: The Gathering
So, your bonuses are on fiction, St Hughes.
12"Ripe from experience and experience only", and, "Try to be one of the people on whom nothing is lost". These are the words of which novelist in his 1884 essay, The Art Of Fiction?PassIt's Henry James
12The Theory Of The Novel is a 1916 work by which Hungarian-born literary critic and Marxist philosopher? His other books include Soul And Form, and History And Class Consciousness.Lukacs
12Based on a series of lectures he gave at Cambridge University, Aspects Of The Novel is a 1927 work by which novelist?Yeah, we don't knowThat was E M Forster
13The string quartet From My Life, featuring in its final movement a sustained, shrill note said to represent the onset of deafness, is an autobiographical piece of.Smetana
You get a set of bonuses on painting and photography, St Hugh's.
13The work of the British fashion photographer Corinne Day includes a series of images that appeared in the July 1990 issue of The Face magazine. Whose career was launched by these photographs?Kate Moss
13Which British pop artist created Kate, a 2013 photo collage featuring numerous images of Kate Moss?Damien HirstNo, it was Peter Blake
13In 2005, which painter's portrait of Moss as a pregnant and reclining nude sold for £3.9 million at auction?LeibovitzNo, it was Lucian Freud
14Born in 1853, which Dutch physicist gives his name to the force exerted on a moving electric charge by magnetic.Lorentz
You get a set of bonuses this time on plastics and their recycling codes. In each case, name the plastic from the description. You can give me the full name or the abbreviation.
14Firstly, recycling code 1, used in bottles for water and soft drinks.Polyethylene terephthalate or polythene
14Recycling code 3, used in window frames and water pipes secondly.Yeah, PerspexNo, it's PVC
14And finally, recycling code 6, used in rigid packaging, costume jewellery and CD cases.AcrylateNo, it's PS or polystyrene
15What is the first adjective in John Keats's Ode To Autumn? It precedes the word fruitfulness.Mellow
You get a set of bonuses on American musicals of the 2010s.
15Firstly for five points, which winner of the 2015 Tony award for Best Musical is based on the graphic memoir of the same name by the cartoonist Alison Bechdel?I'm afraid we don't knowIt's Fun Home
15Secondly, beset by production difficulties and injuries to performers, and with music and lyrics by Bono and The Edge, a musical based on which Marvel comic character opened officially in 2011?Spider-Man
15Elder Price and Elder Cunningham are missionaries in Uganda in which musical? Its songs include I Believe and Joseph Smith, American Moses.Book Of Mormon
16For your picture starter you'll see a photograph of an actor. 10 points if you can identify him, please.John Hurt
He died in January 2017. For your picture bonuses I want you to identify three of Hurt's notable film and television roles. For the points I'll need both the name of the character and the title of the film or television series in question.
16Firstly for five.Winston Smith in 1984
16Secondly.Yeah, Caligula in I, Claudius
16Finally.Quentin Crisp in The Naked Civil Servant
17Chicken noodle, cream of mushroom and split pea appear together in the context of the work of which artist?Andy Warhol
You get a set of bonuses on biochemistry, UCL.
17What name is commonly given to carboxylic acids that consist of a carboxyl group attached to a hydrocarbon chain? Examples include stearic acid and linoleic acid.Fatty acids
17What adjective is applied to fatty acids that contain at least one carbon-carbon double bond?Unsaturated
17What is the common name of the unsaturated fatty acid that is the primary constituent of olive oil?Oleic acid
18In measuring length, how many pico meters are there in an angstrom?100
Your bonuses this time, UCL, are on France. In each case, give the predominant cardinal direction in which one would travel in the shortest straight line from the first city to the second. For example, Calais to Paris is south.
18Firstly, Dijon to Lyon.South
18Secondly, Aix-en-Provence to Montpellier.West
18Finally, Rouen to Dieppe.OK, eastNo, it's north
19"Star and Key of the Indian Ocean" is a motto that appears in Latin on the coat of arms of which island nation? Along with a sambur deer and an extinct flightless bird.Mauritius
So you get a set of bonuses, St Hugh's, on Scotland. In each case, give the council area whose name corresponds to the following.
19Firstly, a title of Norse earls, including Sigurd the Stout and Magnus the Martyr.JarlNo, it's Orkney
19Secondly, the city that is part of the title of the 19th-century Prime Minister George Hamilton-Gordon who involved Britain in the Crimean War.CardiganNo, it's Aberdeen
19And finally, in Shakespeare's Macbeth, Macduff was Thane of which historic county, now a council area?CawdorNo, it's Fife
20In set expressions, what five-letter word may precede coat, copy, house, passage. ..passage, tongue and diamond?BloodNo, it's rough
21In 1284, which Welsh castle was the birthplace of the future King Edward the.Caernarfon
Your bonuses are on managers of the England national football team. In each case, name the manager whose final match in charge is described.
21Firstly, a 0-0 draw in a friendly against Portugal in Lisbon in 1974.Alf Ramsey
21Secondly, a 0-0 draw in a World Cup match against Spain in Madrid in 1982.WinterbottomNo, it's Ron Greenwood
21And finally, a 0-0 draw and defeat in a penalty shoot out in a World Cup match against Portugal in Gelsenkirchen in 2006.Sven-Goran Eriksson
22Which country's national cricket team became a Test-playing nation in 2000 and beat England for the first time in October.Bangladesh
You get a set of bonuses on 12th century authors. In each case, give the place name primarily associated with each of the following.
22Firstly, The History Of The Kings Of Britain. A somewhat fanciful chronicle by Geoffrey of which town in Wales?Monmouth
22The History Of The English People is by Henry of which town in eastern England?NorwichNo, it's Huntingdon
22And finally, The Deeds Of The English Kings is by William of which abbey in Wiltshire?OckhamNo, it's Malmesbury
23In atmospheric science, a Dobson spectrophotometer measures the concentration of what inorganic.Ozone
You get a set of bonuses this time on chemists born in the Russian Empire.
23Working on coal gas derivatives in 1879, Constantine Fahlberg was a co-discoverer of which artificial sweetener?AspartameNo, it's saccharin
23Born in the Russian Empire in 1796, Karl Karlovich Klaus discovered which element, the last of the platinum group to be isolated and identified?IridiumNo, it's ruthenium
23And finally, noted for his research on aldehydes, who composed the tone poem In The Steppes Of Central Asia and the opera Prince Igor?