Season 47, Episode 14

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 "A revolution is not a bed of roses. "A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future "and the past." Who said that in a speech of 1961 on the second anniversary of the revolution that made him Prime Minister of his country? He became President in 1976 and died.Fidel Castro
They're on world religions.
1In which present-day country is the city of Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Guru Nanak, the first guru of the Sikhs?Pakistan
1Born in about the sixth century BCE in Bihar state in north-east India, Mahavira is a major figure in which religion?Jainism
1Which religious teacher is believed to have been born in Lumbini, a grove near the southern border of Nepal, in about the sixth or fifth century BCE?The Buddha
2In taxonomy, human beings are classed in the genus Homo. In which order is this genus placed?Primates
You get three questions on the Fifa World Cup.
2In the 2002 World Cup, which unfancied African team beat the holders France in the opening match? France were later eliminated in the group stage after losing to Denmark. It's a former colony in West Africa.Ivory CoastNo, it was Senegal
2In the 2010 tournament, which European team beat the holders Italy 3-2 in their final group match, knocking them out of the competition?GermanyNo, it's Slovakia
2And finally, in the 2014 World Cup, the holders, Spain, were knocked out in the group stage after losing twice. Name either of the teams that beat them.The Netherlands. The other one was Chile
3Born in the West Indies in the 1750s, he played a major role in the American Revolution and became the first Secretary of the United States.Alexander Hamilton
These bonuses, Merton, are on diseases named after the location in which they were first identified.
3Firstly for five points, having a high mortality rate, which acute febrile viral disease is named after the village in north-eastern Nigeria where it was first reported in 1969?Lassa fever
3Named after a major East African landform, which viral fever can be transmitted to humans by mosquitoes or by the tissues or secretions of infected animals?The West Nile virusNo, it's the Rift Valley fever
3And finally, which haemorrhagic fever is caused by a filovirus named after the river in the northern Congo Basin where it first emerged in 1976?Ebola
4For your picture starter, you're going to see the first four lines of one of Shakespeare's sonnets with two words missing. For 10 points, give me both those missing words.Minds, finds
For your picture bonuses, three more of Shakespeare's sonnets with a pair of rhyming words removed. Again, please give me both missing words for the points.
4Firstly.Sun and dun
4Secondly.Find and windNo, it's behold and cold
4Eyes.Eyes and cries
5Originally introduced in a series of children's books from the 1940s, which group of characters reappeared in 2016. ?The Famous Five
You get a set of bonuses on events of 1907, this time, Merton.
5Thought to be the earliest complete survival of a dated printed book, a copy of the Diamond Sutra was discovered in a cave in Western China in 1907. It dates to 868 in the latter part of which Chinese dynasty?The Song dynastyNo, it's the Tang dynasty
5Secondly, under the suzerainty of the Russian Empire, which territory became the first in Europe to hold a parliamentary election by universal suffrage and with women candidates? It became independent in 1918.Finland
5Along with New Zealand, which colony became a dominion of the British Empire in 1907? It joined Canada in 1949.Newfoundland
6In mathematics, what alternative name is given to the box principle first stated in 1834 by the German Peter Dirichlet.The pigeonhole principle
Merton College, you get another set of bonuses, this time on an expression.
6The words "I am escaped with the skin of my teeth" appear which book of the Old Testament? Often cited as an example of wisdom literature, it presents an explanation of the existence of evil and suffering in the presence of God.Job
6The Skin Of Our Teeth is a stage work by which US author also noted for the 1927 novel The Bridge Of San Luis Rey?We don't knowThat's Thornton Wilder
6"Insofar as we are the heirs of Greece and Rome, "we got through by the skin of our teeth." Which broadcaster and art historian wrote those words in the opening chapter of the 1969 work Civilisation?Kenneth Clark
7Which peninsula extends south about 1,000 kilometres to Cape Piai, the southernmost point of the Asian continent?The Malay Peninsula
These bonuses are on serial publications of the 19th century, Merton.
7Established in 1928, which political magazine borrowed its title from an 18th-century publication by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele?The Spectator
7The Tracts For The Times were a series of 90 works published between 1833 and 1841 by the members of which theological group named after the city with which its founders were closely associated?The Oxford Movement
7Surviving for only four issues between January and April 1850, The Germ was a periodical established by which group of English painters, poets and critics?The Pre-Raphaelites
8What initial letter links a unit of length equivalent to one tenth of a nautical mile, a unit of radioactivity replaced in 1975 by the becquerel, and the SI units of electrical charge and luminous intensity?C. C is correct, yes
Right, these bonuses are on astronomy, Merton College.
8Firstly, for five points, which comet bears the designation 1P to indicate that it was the first periodic comet to have its period established?Halley's Comet
8Which two surnames designate comets including 118P, 129P and the periodic comet that hit Jupiter in 1994?Hale-BoppNo, it's Shoemaker and Levy
8Since its mission ended in 2016 in a gentle collision with the comet's nucleus, which European Space Agency probe is now part of the periodic comet 67P?PhiloNo, it was Rosetta
9For your music starter, you'll hear a piece of popular music. 10 points if you can give me the name of the artist. SNARE DRUM ROLL # War, huh Yeah # What is it good for?T. Rex. Is it Tom JonesIt's Edwin Starr, his War
10The Moth, The Poker Night and Blanche's Chair In The Moon were among the titles given by Tennessee Williams to early drafts of which.A Streetcar Named Desire
That means you get the music bonuses. Edwin Starr's War was banned from broadcast on BBC radio during the Gulf War. For your music bonuses, three more songs banned by the BBC during that period. Five points for each artist you can name.
10Firstly.Tears For Fears. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
10Secondly.Roberta Flack. , Killing Me Softly With His Song
10Finally.It is Elton John, Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
11Right, another starter question. In the variant of football called futsal, originating in South America, each team has several substitutes and a maximum of how many players on the field, including the goalkeeper?Five
Three questions on the British physicist and engineer Hertha Ayrton for your bonuses.
11In 1902, Ayrton published a standard work on what form of lighting? Its name comes from the shape formed by the high-density current between two separate conductors.Arc
11"The police soon traced me to the house of my friend, "Mrs Hertha Ayrton, and the place straightaway "became a besieged fortress." Which campaigner wrote that in an autobiographical work of 1914?Emmeline Pankhurst
11When a young woman in the 1870s, Ayrton was an inspiration for the character of Mirah Cohen in Daniel Deronda, a novel by which author?George Eliot
12William Cowper's lines, "I am monarch of all I survey, my right, there is none to dispute," described which man during his time living alone on a remote island in the South Pacific?Alexander Selkirk
You get a set of bonuses this time on the Cold War, Merton College.
12Often referring to the thaw in US-Soviet relations from the 1960s, what French term means the easing of strained relations between states?Detente
12A form of detente, what German term is used of the approach of the West German leader Willy Brandt who sought to improve ties with East Germany?GestaltNo, it's Ostpolitik
12Meaning "openness", what Russian term denotes the practice initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev that involved greater openness in debate and in the reporting of events.Glasnost
13A 60km canal linking which two major rivers enables ships from the Caspian Sea to reach the Black Sea? The rivers are the two longest of European Russia.The Volga and the Don
These bonuses are on two-letter ISO codes for languages.
13Firstly, which major language shares a two-letter ISO abbreviation with a major sporting body founded in 1863? Its recent executives have included Greg Dyke and Adam Crozier.Farsi
13Which major language shares a two-letter abbreviation with the canton of Zurich in Switzerland?ZuluNo, it's Chinese
13And finally, the two-letter ISO abbreviation of which major language corresponds to the postal abbreviation of the US state whose capital is Honolulu?Hindi
14Which character in Melville's Moby-Dick shares his name with a biblical outcast. ..the son of Abraham and Hagar? The character is the only one to survive.Ishmael
Your bonuses are on the cavalier poets, Merton College.
14Having been imprisoned for presenting a Royalist petition to a hostile House of Commons, which poet wrote the lines, "Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage."We don't knowThat's Richard Lovelace
14And secondly, the Cavalier poet and dramatist Sir John Suckling, who was a gentleman of the Privy Chamber to Charles I, is credited with the invention of which card game?WhistNo, it's cribbage
14And finally, which cleric wrote the poem which opens, "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may."Robert Herrick
15For your picture starter, you're going to see a photograph. 10 points if you can identify the subject.Mata Hari
For your bonuses, three more figures known for their involvement in spy craft. Five points for each you can identify.
15Firstly.Francis Walsingham. He was Elizabeth I's spymaster, of course
15Secondly.We don't knowThat's Harriet Tubman, who was a scout for the Union Army during the American Civil War
15And finally.BluntNo, that is Kim Philby
16In degrees, what is the value of two Pi radians?360
Three questions on playing the violin for your bonuses, this time.
16When playing the violin, what technical term denotes the rapid repetition of a single note? It's usually represented in musical notation by three thick parallel diagonal lines.Tremolo
16Meaning hammered, what French term denotes a percussive strokes produced by increasing the finger pressure of the index finger on the bow at the beginning of each note?MaleNo, it's martele
16And finally, what Italian musical direction indicates that the strings of the instrument should be plucked with the fingers rather than played with the bow?Pizzicato
17Gower, Cannock Chase, the Northumberland Coast and Quantocks were, in the 1950s, among the first regions of England and Wales to be given what designation?Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
These bonuses are on income tax, Merton College.
17During which decade did William Pitt the Younger introduce income tax as a temporary measure to cover the cost of war with France?1790s
17As part of a programme of free trade and tariff reduction, which Prime Minister reintroduced income tax in 1842?Peel
17In the People's Budget of 1909, which Chancellor brought in income tax with varying rates and a supertax for higher levels of income?Lloyd George
18Dating from the 1620s, to which post was Judith Weir appointed.The Master of the King's Music
Your bonuses this time are on stately homes.
18Begun in 1687, which stately home in the Derbyshire Dales is the principal seat of the Dukes of Devonshire?Chatsworth
18Which restored medieval castle in West Sussex is the seat of the Dukes of Norfolk?Arundel
18Rebuilt from a Cistercian abbey in the 18th century, which stately home is the seat of the Dukes of Bedford?We don't knowThat's Woburn Abbey
19Lying mainly in the constellations Dorado and Tucana respectively, the two major irregular companion galaxies in the Milky Way are known by what.Magellanic Clouds
Right, you get a set of bonuses on the tag lines of British films, King's.
19Released in 2000, which British animated film featured the voices of Mel Gibson, among others, and had the tag line "Escape or die frying"?Chicken Run
19Secondly, "A romantic comedy with zombies" is the tag line of which 2004 British film directed and co-written by Edgar Wright?Shaun Of The Dead
19Which 1987 cult black comedy follows the adventures of two unemployed actors, and had the tag line "If you don't remember the '60s, don't worry, neither did they."Withnail And I
20What surname links Jacob, a deceased character in a short novel of 1843, with Bob.Marley
Your bonuses are on tea, King's. In each case, identify the tea-growing area from the description.
20Firstly, a state of north-eastern India with its capital at Dispur.DarjeelingNo, it's Assam
20Secondly, an upland area in Tamil Nadu state. Its name means "blue mountains".Nilgiri
20And finally, a city in West Bengal about 500km north of Kolkata. Its name means "place of the thunderbolt".Darjeeling
21In the standard model of particle physics, what general name is given to particles with half-integer spin.