Season 47, Episode 13

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 Meanings of what six-letter word include a weapon that projects a small bomb at a high trajectory or a bowl. ?Mortar
You get the first set of bonuses, then, St Anne's. They're on rebellions in English history.
1Firstly, Robert Fitzwalter was a leader of baronial opposition to which king, refusing to pay scutage after the latter's defeat at Bouvines?Richard IINo, it was King John
1Secondly, executed in 1537, the Yorkshire lawyer Robert Aske was a leading figure in the series of risings known by what three-word name?PassThat was the Pilgrimage Of Grace
1And finally, Robert Catesby was the chief instigator of which abortive rebellion of the early 17th century?Monmouth RebellionNo, it's the Gunpowder Plot
2Born in Cordoba, the 12th-century Islamic scholar Ibn Rushd is noted for his works on which ancient Greek philosopher, neglected in the West for more than 500 years?Aristotle
You get a set of bonuses on islands.
2A little smaller than Scotland with a population of more than 20 million, which Commonwealth member state is often called "the Teardrop" because of its distinctive shape?Sri Lanka
2Similar in shape to Sri Lanka but closer in size to the Isle of Man, which Commonwealth member state lies between St Vincent and Martinique?St Lucia
2Which rock off the coast of County Cork is known as "Ireland's Teardrop" because it was the last land seen by emigrants to the New World?Fastnet
3"Nothing is so surprising as the descriptions of his battles, "which take up no less than half the work "and are supplied with so vast a variety of incidents "that no one bears a likeness to another." To which epic poem is Alexander Pope referring in the preface to his translation of the work?The Iliad
You get a set of bonuses on physics.
3Some SI-derived units are denoted by scientists' surnames. If, instead, the same scientist's main given name were used, what physical quantity would we measure in Heinrichs?Frequency
3And what quantity would be given in Nikolas?Magnetic field strength
3Finally, what quantity would be given in Henris?Radioactivity
4In which English city is the district called NOMA, an acronym formed from its location within that city? Its buildings include One Angel Square, the headquarters of the Co-operative Group which, when it opened in 2013, was declared the most environmentally-friendly building in the world.Brighton? SheffieldNo, it's Manchester
5Sometimes called "green gold", what is the name of the natural or artificial alloy of gold and silver which contains trace amounts of copper.Electrum
Right, a set of bonuses on popinjays.
5In heraldry, a popinjay is a stylistic representation of which bird?StarlingNo, it's a parrot
5Secondly, for five points, the martyrdom of which 3rd-century saint included being used as a popinjay - in other words, as a target for archers to practise their skills?Correct
5"A serious writer is not to be confounded with a solemn writer. "A serious writer may be a hawk, or a buzzard, or even a popinjay, "but a solemn writer is always a bloody owl." These are the words of which writer, the winner of the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature?HeaneyNo, it Ernest Hemingway
6For your picture starter, you will see a map on which four countries have been marked. For ten points, I want you to tell me the decade in which all four achieved full independence as republics.The 1940s
For your picture bonuses again, you're going to see three more sets of countries that gained full independence in the same decade. This time, for the points, I'll need both the decade and the former colonial power.
6Firstly.France and the 1950s
6Secondly.Portugal, 1970s
6And finally, these countries.Britain, the '60s
7Fraternite, Egalite 1 and 2 and Liberte are arcs within the outermost ring of which planet? The ring is named after the British astronomer John Couch Adams, who.Neptune
Your bonuses are on titles that differ only by their final word - for example, Star Wars and Star Trek. In each case, listen to the description and give both titles.
7Firstly, a novel of 1904 by Henry James and an influential 1890 work by James Frazer, later published with the subtitle "A study in magic and religion."The Golden Girl and The Golden BoughNo - it was The Golden Bough. The Golden Bowl was the Henry James novel, though
7Right - the first novel of Iris Murdoch, which includes the kidnapping of a film star dog, and a 1947 novel by Malcolm Lowry set in Mexico.Under The Sea and Under The VolcanoIt's Under The Net and Under The Volcano
7And finally, the work by Wilkie Collins that features Count Fosco and a 2016 mystery novel by Elly Griffiths.The Moonstone and the VoyagerNo, it's The Woman In White and The Woman In Blue
8A traditional system of healing popular in South Asia, unani, or Arabic medicine, has its origins in the doctrines of which two ancient Greek physicians?Hippocrates and Galen
Your bonuses, Corpus Christi, are on Kings of the Belgians.
8Having served in the Napoleonic Wars and declined the throne of Greece, which German prince was elected King of the Belgians in 1831? I need his name and regnal number.Leopold I
8Who succeeded Leopold II as King of the Belgians in 1909? He refused free passage to the German Army in 1914 and was active in reconstruction efforts after the war.Albert I
8Who succeeded to the throne in 1951 on the abdication of his father, Leopold III? He gives his name to a major stadium used by the Belgian national football team.Leopold IVNo, it's Baudouin I
9Which decade of the 19th century saw the beginning of the building of the present-day British Museum to a design by Robert Smirke and the completion of both Thomas Telford's Menai Suspension Bridge and John Nash's remodelling of the Brighton Pavilion?1840s? 1830sNo, it's the 1820s
10At a UN summit in September 2015, world leaders adopted 17 SDGs, aimed at ending poverty, fighting inequalities and tackling climate.Sustainable development goals
Your bonuses, St Anne's, are on chemistry.
10Denoted by a lower case Greek letter, chi, what term is defined as a measure of the tendency of an atom to attract a bonding pair of electrons?Electronegativity
10Electronegativity is commonly measured on a scale devised by which US Nobel laureate, one of the few people to win the Nobel prize in two different fields?Linus Pauling
10Finally, which halogen is the most electronegative element?Fluorine
11For your music starter, you'll hear a well-known piece of classical music. Ten points if you can name the composer.Rimsky-Korsakov
For your music bonuses, there are three more extracts you're going to hear from works inspired by Pushkin. Simply name of the Russian composer in each case.
11First, the composer of this piece?ShostakovichNo, that's Modest Mussorgsky. It's from Boris Godunov
11Secondly.TchaikovskyNo, that's Glinka. The overture to Ruslan and Ludmila
11And finally.That is Tchaikovsky, the polonaise from Eugene Onegin
12What five-letter name is given to the era of the great-grandfather of the Japanese Emperor Akihito?Meiji
You get three questions on the USA in the 19th century.
12Firstly for five - and early opponent of slavery, Elias Hicks gives his name to a faction that emerged in the 1820s following a schism in which Christian group?The MennonitesNo, it's the Society of Friends, or Quakers
12Hicks' cousin Edward was prominent in which field of artistic expression?Paintings
12Hicksite Quakerism is regarded as having been an influence on the work of which poet, whose collections include the 1855 Leaves Of Grass?Walter Whitman
13Right, ten points for this starter question - moving clockwise on a 16-point compass rose, how many degrees separate west northwest from north northeast?90
Your bonuses, Corpus Christi, are on zoology. In each case, name the order of mammals - for example, rodents - to which the following belong.
13Firstly, for five points - skunks, raccoons, civets and walruses?EutheriansNo, they're carnivores
13Secondly, rabbits, hares and pikas?OmnivoresNo, they're lagomorphs
13And finally, lorises, lemurs, tarsiers and bush babies?Primates
14Ten points for this - what given name links an Archbishop of Canterbury executed in 1645, the discoverer of Uranus, and the author.William
Your bonuses are on leading ladies in the films of Alfred Hitchcock. In each case, I need the actress and the title of the film.
14Firstly, in a film of 1960, who plays Marion Crane, an embezzling office worker?Janet Leigh in Psycho
14And in the 1958 film, who is introduced first as Madeline Elster and later appears as Judy Barton? The plot concerns an attempt to deceive and acrophobic detective, played by James Stewart.Katharine Hepburn in VertigoNo, it's Kim Novak in Vertigo
14And finally, who plays the socialite Melanie Daniels in a 1963 film set largely at Bodega Bay in Northern California?Katharine Hepburn in The BirdsNo, it's Tippi Hedren in The Birds
15Ten points for this - born in 1880, which German geophysicist pioneered the use of balloons to track air circulation? He's now chiefly remembered for introducing the concept of plate tectonics.Wegener
They're on time zones.
15What is the largest and most populous country wholly within the UTC, or universal time, +8 zone?China
15Which landlocked country has its own time zone, known as NPT, 5.75 hours ahead of universal time?Nepal
15Which US state capital is the most populous city in the UTC -10 time zone?DenverNo, it's Honolulu
16For your picture starter, you're going to see a painting by a Dutch artist. 10 points if you can tell me the name of the painting?Pandemonium? The Garden of Earthly DelightsNo, it's The Temptation of St Anthony by Hieronymous Bosch
17Of the states of Australia, how many have a total area less than that of the UK?Two is correct, Victoria and Tasmania
Your picture bonuses, three more triptychs, this time all created in the 20th century. In this instance, for five points in each case, I simply need the name of the artist.
17Firstly.PicassoNo, that's Francis Bacon's Three Studies for a Portrait of Lucien Freud
17Secondly.Picasso againNo, that's Otto Dix's Metropolis
17And finally.Roy Lichtenstein is right, As I Open Fire
18A constituent of vitamin B12, which ferromagnetic element.Cobalt
Your bonuses are on a carnivore, St Anne's.
18One of the largest land carnivores, Ursus maritimus is known by what two-word common name?Polar bear
18Churchill, the town designated the polar bear capital of the world, lies on a migratory route on the Hudson Bay in which Canadian province, close to its border with Nunavut?YukonNo, it's Manitoba
18Among the species it hunts are the ringed and the bearded.Seal
19Four minutes to go, ten points for this - "Philosophy may in no way interfere with the actual use of language. "It can, in the end, only describe it." Who made this statement in the 1953 work, Philosophical Investigations?Wittgenstein
You get a set of bonuses on screenplay writers.
19Which English author wrote the novella and the screenplay for the 1949 film The Third Man?Greene
19Which American novelist wrote the screenplay for the 1952 film Viva Zapata! Both the film and his earlier short novel, The Pearl, were set in Mexico.Steinbeck
19Together with the director Stanley Kubrick, which science-fiction author is credited with writing the screenplay for the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey?Arthur C Clarke
20In the SI system of units, what prefix indicates a decimal multiple of 10 to the 15?Peta
You get a set of bonuses on India, St Anne's.
20Rajasthan and Gujarat are among Indian states that border which country?Pakistan
20Which country shares borders with four Indian states, namely Sikkim, Assam, West Bengal and Arunachal Pradesh?BangladeshNo, it's Bhutan
20Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Himanchal Pradesh are among states that border which country?NepalNo, it's China
21Ten points for this - what raw material is processed at facilities at Humber, Lindsey, Pembroke, Fawley, Stanlow and Grangemouth?Petroleum
So you get a set of bonuses now on CGS units.
21Derived ultimately from a Greek word, what is the CGS unit of force?Dyne
21Equal to ten to the power of six dynes per square centimetre, what is the CGS unit of pressure?PSINo, it's Ba
21What three-letter term is the CGS unit for energy or work?Erg
22Another starter question - which playing card was known as the best bower, or highest trump, when it was introduced in the United States in the 19th century for use in the game euchre?The joker
You get a set of bonuses now on a year.
222016 saw the 500th anniversary of the publication of which book, written in two parts as a discourse in Latin between its author and the fictional Raphael Hythlodaeus?Utopia
22Which Italian city gives its name to the concordat agreed in 1516 by the Pope and the King of France, giving the latter the power to make nominations for ecclesiastical positions?MilanNo, it's Bologna
22Which future English monarch was born in February 1516 at Greenwich Palace?Mary I
23Ten points for this - WH Auden's words "mad Ireland hurt you into poetry" appear in his elegy for which Nobel laureate who died in the south of France in 1939?