Season 47, Episode 12

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 What given name links the Prime Minister who died four months after taking office in 182. ?George
You get a set of bonuses on the works of Francois Truffaut.
1What title did Truffaut gave to his first full-length feature film, a semiautobiographical story of a young delinquent? It won him the Best Director prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1959.The 400 Blows
1What was both Truffaut's first film in colour and the only film he directed with a screenplay in English? It was an adaptation of a novel of 1953 by Ray Bradbury.Fahrenheit 451
1Which 1980 film by Truffaut stars Catherine Deneuve as an actress in occupied Paris? The title refers to the means by which many Parisians returned home before the Nazi curfew.The Last Metro
2Alice Blackwell, the heroine of Curtis Sittenfeld's 2008 novel The American Wife, is a fictionalised version of which former First Lady? Born in Texas, she worked as a teacher and a school librarian.Laura Bush
These bonuses are on Islamic art, St John's.
2Since the 16th century, what general name has been given to a style of pattern common in Islamic art and textiles, usually combining intertwining plants and abstract curvilinear motifs?Arabesque
2The two so-called Ardabil Carpets, one of which is held by the Victoria & Albert Museum, were produced during which dynasty that ruled Persia between 1501 and 1722?Um, the UmayyadsNo, it's the Safavid dynasty
2Born in 1497, which German painter gives his name to a style of Persian carpet characterised by arabesques and octagonal motifs? These appear in several of his portraits of aristocratic figures.Holbein the Younger
3What letter of the alphabet links, in physiology, a lymphocyte that matures in the bone marrow and secretes antibodies.B
So your first set of bonuses, St Andrews, are on physics.
3In a nuclear fission reactor, the incidence of what type of emitted subatomic particle causes the nuclear fuel to undergo a fission chain reaction?An electronNo, it's a neutron
3What term describes a substance used to slow neutrons to speeds at which they cause fission more efficiently?Control rodsNo, they're moderators
3In a fast breeder reactor, fast neutrons are absorbed by a blanket of uranium 238 to generate what isotope?Uranium 235No, it's plutonium 239
4A mysterious character created by Agatha Christie who solves crimes with Mr Satterthwaite and an accomplice of the Joker in DC Comics both have names based on that of which character of.Harlequin
And your bonuses are on women whose tombs are in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. In each case, name the person from the description.
4Firstly, an American writer whose Paris home was a salon for artists and writers between the World Wars. With her brother Leo, she was one of the first collectors of works by Braque, Picasso and Matisse.Willa CatherNo, it was Gertrude Stein
4Secondly, born around 1098, a French nun and abbess who was the wife of the theologian and philosopher Peter Abelard.Heloise
4And finally, a French singer and actress who rose to international fame in the late 1930s.Edith Piaf
5For your picture starter, you'll see a representation of the widest extent of an empire of the second millennium of the current era. For 10 points, simply name the empire.Ottoman
So, for your pictures bonuses, three more maps showing empires of the second millennium of the common era. Name the empire in each case.
5Here's the first.SiamNo, that's the Khmer Empire
5Secondly, which Chinese dynasty is this?Qing
5And finally, this empire.Mughal
6In a speech at City University Business School in 1987, which entrepreneur said, "Pan Am takes good care of you, "Marks & Spencer loves you, Securicor cares, "IBM say the customer is king. "At Amstrad, we want your money."?Sir Alan Sugar
You get a set of bonuses, having retaken the lead, St John's, on hydrocarbons.
6Including methane and butane, the members of which series of saturated hydrocarbons have the general formula CnH2n+2?Alkanes
6Which alkane is a gas with the formula C3H8? It's easily liquefied and, along with butane, is a major constituent of liquefied petroleum gas.Propane
6Which volatile liquid alkane has the formula C8H18?Octane
7According to Graham's law of effusion, at a given pressure and temperature, the rate of escape of a gas through a small aperture is inversely proportional to what function of its molar mass?Square root
You get a set of bonuses on the year 1867.
7Firstly, for five points, the Treaty of London in 1867 resolved an international crisis over which fortress city? Known as the Gibraltar of the North, it had been a member of the German Confederation.KonigsbergNo, it's Luxembourg
7The crisis arose when the ruler of which country tried to sell Luxembourg to Napoleon III for five million florins?BelgianNo, it was the Netherlands, King William III
7By the Treaty of London, Luxembourg became a neutral independent state. Which statesman agreed to withdraw his country's troops from the city?PassThat was Bismarck
8What seven-letter name links the Scottish council area formerly known as Haddingtonshire, an 1818 novel by Sir Walter Scott and a question on devolved.Lothian
Right, your bonuses are on ghost stories, St Andrews.
8The ghost of a Hessian horseman rides through the village of Sleepy Hollow in the short story of 1820 by which US author?Irving
8Finally the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville fails to unnerve the Otis family who move into his stately home in the story first published in 1887 by which author?Henry JamesNo, it's Oscar Wilde
8And finally, the novelist Charles Condamine is haunted by the ghost of his first wife Elvira in a 1941 play by which writer, actor and director?HitchcockNo, it's Noel Coward in Blithe Spirit
9What short first name links the title characters of novels published in 1816 and 1857? The former deals with youthful.Emma
St John's, your bonuses are on electricity.
9In a wire of resistance - R, length - L, and cross-sectional area - A carrying an electrical current, what name is given to the quantity given by R times A divided by L?Resistivity
9What quantity is obtained as the reciprocal of the resistivity of an electrical system?Conductivity
9Used to measure electrical conductance, which SI unit is the reciprocal of the ohm?MolesNo, it's the siemens
10For your music starter, you'll hear a piece of classical music. For 10 points, please give me the name of the German composer. CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYSIt is Mendelssohn's 4th His Italian symphony
Your music bonuses are extracts from three more symphonies in the key of A major. In each case, simply name the composer.
10First, the Russian composer of this 1971 symphony.Shostakovich
10Secondly, this Austrian composer.MahlerNo, that's Bruckner
10And finally, this German composer.Beethoven
11In 1810, which English scientist wrote, "There must be some point "beyond which we cannot go in the division of matter. "I have chosen the word atom to signify these ultimate. "Dalton
You get a set of bonuses on film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays.
11Firstly, Ralph Fiennes directed and played the title role in a 2011 version of which tragedy? Filmed in Serbia and given a contemporary setting, the cast included Vanessa Redgrave and Gerard Butler.Coriolanus
11In 2000, Kenneth Branagh directed and starred in a version of which play? Much of the text was replaced by the songs Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and George Gershwin.As You Like ItNo, it was Love's Labour's Lost
11And finally, directed by Justin Kurzel and shot in the UK, which 2015 film starred Michael Fassbender in the title role with Marion Cotillard as his wife?Macbeth
12Which US state is the only one from which waters flow to the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean and the Hudson Bay. In area, it is the fourth largest state.Montana
You get bonuses on French client states during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
12Jerome Bonaparte ruled which French client kingdom from 1807? Its name appears in that of the present-day German state whose capital is Dusseldorf.The RhinelandNo, it's Westphalia
12After a Germanic people mentioned by Caesar and Tacitus, what name was given to the republic proclaimed in Amsterdam in 1795?Batavian
12Formed by Napoleon in 1797, the Cisalpine Republic consisted largely of territory in which present-day country?It's Cisalpine
13What multiple of 10 is the only integer that when written as a word in English has its letters in alphabetical order?Forty
Right, your bonuses are on people born in Herefordshire. In each case, give the surname of the person described.
13Firstly, born in Hereford in 1717, an actor and stage manager noted for his work in reforming the Drury Lane Theatre.Garrick
13Born in Hereford in 1855, the author of Early British Trackways which introduced the disputed hypothesis of ley lines.PassThat was Alfred Watkins
13And finally, born in Ledbury in 1878, the poet laureate whose works include Gallipoli and Widow In The Bye Street.Masefield
14A form of the expression "trip the light fantastic" appears in the 1649 work L'Allegro by which English poet?Milton
You get a set of bonuses on information technology.
14In each case, give the full form of the following acronyms and abbreviations.Portable document format
14Secondly, URL.Universal resource locatorNo, it's uniform resource locator
14And finally, HTML.Hypertext markup language
15For your picture starter, you'll see a photograph of a poet. 10 points if you can give me his name.Robert Frost
Your bonuses are three more people who won multiple Pulitzers. Five points for each you can identify.
15Firstly, this playwright, the other four-time winner.Tennessee WilliamsNo, that's Eugene O'Neill
15Secondly, this composer, who won Pulitzers twice.CopelandNo, it's Samuel Barber
15Finally, this author who won two Pulitzers.PassThat's William Faulkner
16In human physiology, what is the common name for the secretion of the lacrimal glands?Tears
Three questions on biblical figures who doubted for your bonuses.
16In the book of Genesis, of which 90-year-old did God say, "Why did she laugh and say, 'Will I really have a child 'now that I'm old?Sarah
16Which of the biblical judges doubted his ability to lead his tribe against the Midianites and challenge God to provide a series of miracles before he agreed to do so?PassIt's Gideon
16What name meaning twin was also used of the apostle Thomas who doubted the Resurrection of Jesus?Didymus
17Allopatric and sympatric are adjectives that describe alternative forms of which process?Speciation
You get a set of bonuses on an author, St Andrews.
17Emma Tennant's Felony, David Lodge's Author, Author, and Colm Toibin's The Master are all works about which American novelist?FitzgeraldNo, it's Henry James
17Which poet wrote the poem At The Grave Of Henry James following a visit to the author's burial place in the early 1940s?BetjemanNo, it was Auden, WH Auden
17Based on the stories by Henry James, the operas Owen Wingrave and The Turn Of The Screw were written by which composer?Britten
18The US artist and singer Patti Smith's memoir Just Kids details her relationship with which artist and photographer who died in 1989?Andy Warhol. NoIt's Robert Mapplethorpe
19In addition to carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, the pyrimidine-based.Nitrogen
Your bonuses are on 20th-century history. For each question, I'll give you a line from Billy Joel's 1989 song We Didn't Start The Fire. I want you to give me the precise year to which each line refers.
19Firstly, "Bardot, Budapest, Alabama, Khrushchev".1956
19Secondly, "Dien Bien Phu falls and Rock Around The Clock".1954
19Finally, "Chubby Checker, Psycho, Belgians in the Congo".1960
20In Shakespeare's Henry VIII, which character does Cardinal Wolsey describe as "a spleeny Lutheran and not wholesome to our cause"?Thomas Cromwell. NoIt was Anne Boleyn
21To the nearest whole number, what is the value in knots of a speed of one metre per second.Two
St Andrews, your bonuses are on literary pseudonyms.
21Poor Richard, or Richard Saunders, where names used by which American writer, politician and scientist under which he produced his almanac from.Benjamin Franklin
21The novelist and critic George Orwell was born in 1903 in Bengal with what birth name and surname?Eric Blair
21Born in 1931 in Dorset, David John Moore Cornwell is the half-brother of the actress Charlotte Cornwell and is better known as which author of genre fiction?PassIt's John le Carre
22Brass is an alloy principally composed of which two elements?Copper and zinc
You get a set of bonuses on the Scilly Isles.
22Only five of the 50 or so Scilly Isles are permanently inhabited. Name any two of the five.PassSt Mary's is one, as you said. The others are Tresco, St Martin's, Bryher and St Agnes
22Secondly, the islands are one of the breeding grounds of a black-and-white bird belonging to the same family as the petrels and having the binomial Puffinus puffinus. What is its two-word English name?Manx shearwater
22In St Mary's Old Town Churchyard, a headstone inscription reads "Tempus Imperator Rerum", meaning "time is the ruler of everything". It marks the grave of which public figure?PassIt's Harold Wilson, the former Prime Minister
23The constellation Crux, or Southern Cross, appears on the flags of five countries. Australia and New Zealand are two. Name two of the other three.Fiji and Vanuatu. Vanuatu and KiribatiNo, it's Brazil, Papua New Guinea or Samoa
24In oceanography, what five-letter term denotes an annular coral reef enclosing a central lagoon?