Season 47, Episode 11

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 "Although I briefly left the sanctuary of our planet, "I rediscovered the wonder of the place we called home." Who wrote those words in the 2016 book, Hello, is this planet Earth?. ..My View from the International Space Station.Tim Peake
You get a set of bonuses on the films of Quentin Tarantino, Emmanuel.
1Tarantino made his directorial debut with the jewellery heist film Reservoir Dogs, in which each of the thieves adopts a colour as a pseudonym.Mr PinkHe was Mr Brown, Tarantino
1In Tarantino's 2012 dark comedy Western, Django Unchained, the Austrian-German actor Christoph Waltz plays the bounty hunter, Dr King Schultz.Is it dentist
1Uma Thurman plays Beatrix Kiddo, a former member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, in which film, released in two parts in 2003 and 2004?Kill Bill
2Which unitary authority in central England is home to the sculpture known as the Concrete Cows, as well as the National Badminton Centre, the National Computing Museum at Bletchley Park and the headquarters of the Open University?Milton Keynes
You get a set of bonuses for your first outing, St Hugh's, on European geography.
2Which historical region is described in a novel of 1897 as having a population composed of "Saxons in the South, "and mixed with them, the Wallachs, Magyars in the West, "and Szekelys in the East and North"?Austria-HungaryNo, it's Transylvania in Dracula
2Secondly, Tiraspol is the chief city of which region that declared its independence from Moldova in 1990?Transnistria
2Sopron and Pecs are cities in Transdanubia, a traditional region of which country?Hungary
3In zoology, the term elapid is applied to a family of over 200 species belonging to what sub-order of reptiles? Examples include the bandy-bandy, krait, taipan and copperhead.Snake
You get a set of bonuses this time, St Hugh's, on physics.
3In quantum mechanics, what principle limits the accuracy of simultaneous measurements of certain pairs of variables, such as energy and time?Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
3What quantum phenomenon can be described as a connection between the properties of two particles so that measuring the quantum state of one determines the state of the other?Entanglement
3Finally, by what phenomenon can electrons or other particles move through a potential barrier that will be forbidden to classical particles?Quantum tunnelling
4What common adjective links the US naval squadron that forced the opening of Japan to the West from 1853, a radical political party founded in California in 1966 after the murder of Malcolm X, and a byname of Edward of Woodstock?Black
Right, your bonuses are on novels with titles taken from other works of literature. In each case, name both the author of the work and the author whose work provided the title.
4Firstly, the 1934 novel, Tender Is The Night.F Scott Fitzgerald and MiltonNo, it was F Scott Fitzgerald and John Keats, from his Ode to a Nightingale
4Secondly, His Dark Materials, a trilogy published from 1995.Philip Pullman and Milton
4And finally, the 2003 novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.PassIt's Mark Haddon and Arthur Conan Doyle
5For your picture starter, you're going to see part of the sheet music from the opening of an orchestral work. 10 points if you can give me the title of the work and the name of its composer.It's Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
We follow that with part of the sheet music for three more openings to classical works.
5Firstly, for 5, give me the common English or Italian title for the collection of concerti to which this excerpt belongs, and its composer.Vivaldi, The Four Seasons
5Secondly, I want the commonly attributed English or German title of the work to which this movement belongs, and its composer.Mozart, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
5And finally, in this case, I want the common English title of the orchestral work, and its composer.Ravel, BoleroNo, it's Mendelssohn's Wedding March
6The chess grandmaster Edward Lasker observed that the baroque rules of chess could only have been created by humans. Of which game did he say, "Its rules are so elegant, organic and rigorously logical "that if intelligent life forms exist elsewhere in the universe, "they almost certainly play it"?Go
They are on 19th-century history.
6The doctrine of papal infallibility was propounded at the First Vatican Council convoked by Pope Pius IX towards the end of which decade?1820sNo, it was the 1860s
6In 1874, which leading political figure attacked the implications of papal infallibility in a pamphlet entitled The Vatican Decrees in their Bearing on Civil Allegiance?DisraeliNo, it was Gladstone
6Which Roman Catholic peer acted as Gladstone's personal agent at the First Vatican Council? He's perhaps best-known for an aphorism about the corrupting effects of power.Lord DevlinNo, it was Lord Acton - power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely
7In Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, the words of Theseus, "Hot ice and wondrous strange snow," refer to the inconsistencies of what very amateur stage production performed as a play.Pyramus and Thisbe
Right, you get not only the lead, but you also get a set of bonuses on James Muirden's A Rhyming History Of Britain. Name the royal figure to whom these lyrics refer.
7Firstly, "The husband Henry chose for her, the Holy Roman Emperor, "Though head of an enormous nation, was not much good at procreation."Mary TudorNo, it was Matilda, or Maud
7Secondly, "His wife now queened it over all, "She and her henchmen had a ball, "Despatching subjects one by one, till her rebellious teenage son "Told her the party had to stop and gave her other half the chop."PassIsabella of France
7And finally, "A single struggle dogged her reign, "To stop France getting hold of Spain. "The Spanish Empire was greater than any seen until much later."Elizabeth INo, Queen Anne
8Zanskar, Gilgit, Jhelum and Chenab are among the tributaries of which South Asian river that originates near Lake Mapam in Tibet? Its conventional name derives from its Tibetan and Sanskrit name, Sindhu.Indus
Your bonuses this time, Emmanuel, are on zoology. In each case, name the animal from the description. All three answers begin with the same two letters.
8Firstly, a marine invertebrate of the phylum Cnidaria, with a tubular body and tentacles around the mouth. It shares its name with a beast slain by Heracles.Hydra
8Secondly, a squat, rodentlike, hoofed mammal about the size of a cat. Species include yellow, spotted and southern tree.HyenaNo, hyrax
8And finally, a doglike scavenging carnivore of Africa and Asia. Species include spotted, striped.Hyena
9Thought to be a corruption of Acadian, what term is now commonly used.Cajun
Your bonuses are on a playwright, St Hugh's.
9Transmitted posthumously by both BBC One and Channel 4 in 1996, Karaoke and Cold Lazarus were the final works of which playwright?Michael FraynNo, Dennis Potter
9Which of Potter's dramas was withdrawn from its scheduled screening in 1976 after a senior BBC executive wrote to Potter that it was "brilliantly written and made, but nauseating"?PassThat was Brimstone and Treacle
9And finally, which region of Gloucestershire provides the setting for Potter's play, Blue Remembered Hills, and also occurs as a generalised location in his series, Pennies From Heaven and The Singing Detective?ChilternNo, the Forest of Dean
10For your music starter, you're going to hear a piece of classical music by a German composer. Please identify the composer. GENTLE PIANO MUSICBeethoven? JS BachNo, it is part of Schumann's Ghost Variations
11From the Greek for "congealed", what name is given to any of a group of water-soluble carbohydrates formed in plant tissues? They form gels with sugars and acids in the production of fruit preserves.Pectin
You just heard Schumann's last piano work, dedicated to his wife and fellow composer, Clara. Following on from Schumann, your music bonuses are three more works dedicated in a chain from one composer to another. For 5 points in each case, just give me the name of the composer whose music you can hear.
11Firstly name the composer who dedicated this sonata to Schumann in 1854.LisztIt was Liszt, his Piano Sonata in B minor
11And secondly, name this composer who dedicated a collection of piano music to Liszt.ChopinChopin is right, that's his Tristesse
11And finally, name this composer who dedicated his own book of Etudes to Chopin's memory.DebussyIt was Debussy, yes, well done
12Who wrote the autobiographical poem Dejection: An Ode, an 1802 work thought to be a response to Wordsworth's Intimations Of Immortality?Coleridge
You get a set of bonuses on rainbows this time, Emmanuel.
12In Norse mythology, what is the name of the rainbow bridge that connects Midgard and Asgard, or earth and heaven?Bifrost
12In 1985, the Rainbow Warrior was sunk in Auckland Harbour by French agents. Which international organisation owned the ship?Greenpeace
12"Football in the rainbow nation" are words often used of which Fifa World Cup tournament? I need the host country and the year.South Africa, 2010
13In 1961, the US Beat poet Allen Ginsberg wrote which elegiac poem to his mother, lamenting her insanity and death? It's single-word title also denotes a hymn.Kaddish
So, St Hugh's, your bonuses are on lunar exploration.
13Firstly, for 5 points, which year saw the launch of Lunar 1, the first of 24 unmanned Soviet probes to explore the moon? It came two years after Sputnik 1.1959
13The first US spacecraft to reach the moon was part of what series of unmanned NASA missions of the early 1960s?Gemini
13Which series of unmanned NASA missions was used to prepare for the moon landings? They occurred between the Mercury and the Apollo programmes.That's Gemini
14In September 2016, in which country did the president Juan Manuel.Colombia
You get a set of bonuses, Emmanuel, on henpecked husbands.
14Firstly, for 5 points, which Restoration dramatist created Sir Paul Pliant, whose wife swaddles him in blankets in bed to prevent any normal marital relations?WebsterNo, it was William Congreve
14And secondly, "an obedient henpecked husband" is the author's description of which title character of an early 19th-century short story set in the Catskill Mountains?PassThat was Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle
14And finally, in James Joyce's Ulysses, Stephen Dedalus describes Shakespeare as "shrewridden".Socrates
15You will see a painting. For 10 points, I want you to name the artist, please.Canaletto
Right, that painting by Canaletto is followed by three more paintings featuring Westminster Bridge. In each case, I want the name of the artist, for 5 points.
15Secondly, who painted this scene of the demolition of the old Westminster Bridge and the construction of the new one?Whistler
15And finally, who painted this?Monet
16Hydrogen and helium head the list of components of the atmospheres of how many planets of the solar system?TwoFour
Right, you get a set of bonuses, Emmanuel, on geography this time.
16The adjective "eustatic" refers to global changes in what natural feature?Sea level
16The mean sea level at which West Cornish town is used as the ordnance datum or basis for deriving altitudes for Great Britain?St IvesNo, it's Newlyn
16And finally, which estuary in the UK regularly experiences the greatest tidal ranges?Severn
17Boundaries of which US state include the Sabine River, the Red River, the Rio Grande and the Gulf.Texas
Your bonuses are on sorrow in the Bible. In each case, give the book of the Old Testament in which each of the following words appear, St Hugh's.
17"Unto the woman he said, "I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception, "in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children."Genesis
17"Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? "Behold and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow."JeremiahNo, that's Lamentations
17"For in much wisdom is much grief "and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow."Ecclesiastes
18What is the ratio of the volume of a cylinder of a given height and base radius to the volume of a cone with the same.3:1
You get a set of bonuses on local administration, St Hugh's.
18Totmonslow, Bullingdon, Salford and Isleworth are examples of what historical unit of local government and taxation? I need a seven-letter answer.A boroughNo, it is a hundred
18What unit corresponded to the hundred in former Danelaw counties such as Yorkshire? The term alludes to the brandishing of weapons to express consent.No, passThat's a wapentake
18And finally, Bassetlaw, Thurgarton, Bingham and Newark are among the former wapentakes of which county?LincolnshireNo, it's Nottinghamshire
19What fictional race or species links Grishnakh, Azog, Bolg and Shagrat.Orcs
You get a set of bonuses this time, St Hugh's, on post-war histories.
19Name any of the eight years covered by Dominic Sandbrook's 2005 work Never Had It So Good.1955No, it started in 1956
19Name any one of the seven years included in the subtitle of David Kynaston's 2007 work Austerity Britain.1947
19And When The Lights Went Out is Andy Beckett's 2009 account of which decade?The '70s, 1970s
20"Because it is my name! "Because I cannot have another in my life! "I have given you my soul, leave me my name." Which character speaks those words in a play of 1953, set in the. ..a play of 1953 set in the late 17th century?The CrucibleIt's John Proctor in the Crucible
21In biology, the rate of what process may be described as horotelic, bradytelic or tachytelic?Breathing. Cell divisionNo, it's evolution
22Having invented a device to lift river vessels stuck on sandbars, who is the only US president to have held a patent?Cleveland? JeffersonNo, it was Abraham Lincoln
23In the cerebral cortex, what five-letter term denotes a ridge that separates two.Gyrus
You get a set of bonuses on Africa now, Emmanuel College.
23The scene of a low-level civil war over several decades, the Casamance region lies in the southern part of which West African country?GhanaNo, it's Senegal
23Home to an active separatist movement and noted for its oil reserves, Cabinda is an exclave of which country?NigeriaNo, it's Angola
23And finally, bordering Angola and Zambia, Katanga is a former breakaway region of which country?No, it's the Democratic Republic of the Congo