Season 47, Episode 10

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 Derived ultimately from the Latin for "goat", meanings of what word include a heraldic device resembling an inverted letter V, a map symbol denoting a steep gradient and a distinguishing mark or badge on.Chevron
Your first set of bonuses, Strathclyde, are linked by a name.
1Firstly for five points, Matthew Parker played a key role in the establishment of the 39 articles of the Church of England as Archbishop of Canterbury during the early years of the reign of which monarch?Henry VIIINo, it was Elizabeth I
1The writer Dorothy Parker was a member of an informal group known as the Round Table, associated with which hotel in New York City?The Waldorf AstoriaNo, it's the Algonquin
1And finally, Richard Parker is a Bengal tiger who features prominently in which Booker-prize-winning novel?The Life Of Pi
2"He penetrated into the whole universe of things. "To him, the greater number of the philosophical sciences "owe their origin and distinction." These words of Hegel refer to which philosopher born in northern Greece in 384BC?PlatoAristotle
Right, your bonuses this time are on scientific terms that had different meanings in the context of British politics. In each case, give the term from the description.
2Firstly, in mathematics, a quantity expressed as a root of another - in British history, a member of an extreme section of the Liberal Party during the 19th century.Radical
2In physics, a term for any force whose work is determined solely by the final displacement of the object acted upon - Ambrose Bierce defined it in a different context as "a statesman who is enamoured of existing evils."Conservative
2Finally, a process induced by oxytocin - the same term denotes an organisation that dates its foundations to 1900.LoveNo, it's Labour
3A function of the square root of the sample size, what statistical term denotes the measure of how close a sample mean is.Standard error
These bonuses are on winners of the Palme D'or at the Cannes Film Festival, Imperial.
3Which film by Luchino Visconti won the Palme D'or in 1963? Set in Sicily in the 1860s, it is based on the novel of the same name by Lampedusa.Il Gattopardo
3Secondly, which film won both the Palme D'or and the Academy Award for best film? Released in 1955 and directed by Delbert Mann, it stars Ernest Borgnine as the title character.Gone With The WindNo, it's Marty
3And finally, which Austrian director has won the Palme D'or twice, first in 2009 for The White Ribbon and then in 2012 for Amour?Michael Haneke
4What four-letter term denotes both a young sailor who has not yet learnt the elements of the job, and, in North American slang, a studious or a hard-working person? In a political context, it's often preceded by the word "policy".Wonk
Right, your bonuses this time, Imperial, are on archaeology.
4What name is given to the well-preserved human remains dating from the third century BC that were discovered in a peat bog in Jutland in 1950?Piltdown ManNo, it's Tollund Man
4Nicknamed Pete Marsh, what name is given to the preserved remains of a man from around the first century AD that were discovered in a bog in Cheshire in 1984?Piltdown ManNo, that's Lindow Man
4finally, in 2011, a human body named Cashel Man dating from around 2000BC was discovered in a bog in which country?GermanyNo, it's the Republic of Ireland
5For your picture starter, you'll see part of the text of a commemorative plaque and a map of the UK showing where it can be found. For ten points, I want you to tell me the name of the first person commemorated on this plaque.Eleanor HardyMary Shelley
That plaque is in Bournemouth, and we follow it with three more excerpts from commemorative plaques in the UK, alongside a map showing where each can be found. Simply name the person the plaque commemorates.
5Firstly.We don't knowThat's Emily Wilding Davison
5Secondly, who's commemorated by this plaque?Emily BronteNo, it's Charlotte Bronte, but well worked out
5"A great flawed piece of masonry. "A tribal chieftain rather than "a hereditary monarch. "A brilliant compound of earth, fire and flood." These words of the critic Kenneth Tynan refer to which of Shakespeare's title characters?HamletNo, it's King Lear
6Which slow-moving nocturnal mammal has a name derived from Malay words meaning rolling over, referring to the animal's habit of curling into a ball when threatened?Pangolin
You get a set of bonuses on biochemical synthesis.
6Glutamate, aspartate and alanine can be synthesised from alpha-ketoglutarate, oxaloacetate, and pyruvate respectively by the addition of which functional group?Methyl groupNo, it's amino group, NH2
6Serine, cysteine and glycine are generated from 3-phosphoglycerate, an intermediate in which metabolic pathway?Glycolysis
6Tyrosine can be synthesised in one step from which other aromatic amino acid?Phenylalanine
7The Austrian composer Gustav Mahler is reputed to have exclaimed, "Fortissimo at last," upon viewing what geographical feature while visiting Buffalo for a conducting engagement?Niagara Falls
You get a set of bonuses, Imperial, on cricket in 19th-century literature.
7"Capital game, smart sport, fine exercise, very." In which Dickens novel of 1836 does Mr Jingle provide this commentary on a cricket match between All-Muggleton and Dingley Dell?Oliver TwistIt's The Pickwick Papers
7A match between the inhabitants of Britannula and a team of English tourists is played with mechanical aids such as steam bowlers in The Fixed Period, a satirical, dystopian novel of 1882 by which English author?HG WellsIt's Trollope
7And finally, a cricket match at Clifton College is the subject of Vitai Lampada, a poem of 1892 by which poet? It's noted for its refrain of, "Play up! Play up! And play the game."We don't knowThat's Sir Henry Newbolt
8Give the five words that begin the poem based on an early 17th-century meditation that includes the lines, "If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less." Both the meditation and the poem are by John Donne.No man is an island
Your bonuses are on prime numbers, Strathclyde. In each case, give the prime number that corresponds to all of the following.
8Firstly, the year in which Caligula was proclaimed emperor of Rome, the atomic number of rubidium, and in Celsius, the normal human body temperature.37
8Secondly for five points, the year BC in which the Roman Republic began the second Mithridatic War, the atomic number of bismuth and the number which follows the letter M in the name of a French electronic music group.83
8And finally, the atomic number of vanadium, the number of chromosomes in human sex cells and the number of the psalm beginning "The Lord is my shepherd."23
9For your music starter, you'll hear a piece of classical music written to represent a month of the year. Ten points if you can tell me the month depicted in this excerpt. PONDEROUS PIANO MUSICAutumn. DecemberNo, it's January, as depicted in the opening of the piano cycle Das Jahr, or The Year
10In which province of Pakistan are the former Omani enclave of Gwadar, the Makran desert and the city of Quetta?SindhBalochistan
So each movement of that cycle you heard the starting of there by Fanny Hensel, or Fanny Mendelssohn, represents a single month. You're going to hear months depicted in each excerpt.
10JAUNTY PIANO MUSIC MayNo, that's August
10SLOWER PIANO MUSIC OctoberNo, that's March
10And finally. TRIUMPHANT PIANO MUSIC December
112016 saw the first baby born using a new three-person fertility technique that involves the donation of which self-replicating organelles present in the cell.Mitochondria
Strathclyde, these bonuses are on films and books.
11In 1959, firstly, for five points, the US critic John Crosby wrote in a review that any TV "looks awfully prosaic, awfully ordinary", after he'd watched a television broadcast of which film, released 20 years earlier?Gone With The WindNo, it was The Wizard of Oz
11Secondly, the sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side. This incorrect rendition of the Pythagorean theorem is given by which character in the film The Wizard of Oz?The Scarecrow is right
11In the 1939 film, Dorothy wears ruby slippers, but in L Frank Baum's book on which the film is based, her footwear is what colour?GoldNo, it's silver
12Which Australian did an online reviewer describe as "surely the least pretentious and most stylish of art critics." His works include The Culture Of.Robert Hughes
You get a set of bonuses on biology, chemistry and physics.
12Firstly, born in 1822, which Austrian botanist formulated laws of segregation and independent assortment?Mendel
12Born in Siberia in 1834, which chemist gives his name to element 101?Mendeleev
12The names Mendel and Mendeleev differ only in the letters E-E-V. These three letters are an abbreviation of the name of what unit used to measure the energy of some extreme cosmic ray particles?Electron emission velocityNo, it's exa-electronvolt
13Which decade saw the publication of Walter Bagehot's The English Constitution, Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market, JS Mill's On The Subjection of Women, and Charles Dickens's Great Expectations?1820s? 1830sNo, it was the 1860s
14Caratheodory, Clausius and Kelvin-Planck are all forms of which specific physical law which rules out the existence of perpetual motion machines?The second law of thermodynamics
Your bonuses are on Johannes Brahms.
14Brahms reputedly claimed that his awkwardness with women saved him both from marriage and from attempts at composition in which musical form?Song cyclesNo, it's opera
14Secondly, of which composer's piano concertos did Brahms write to Clara Schumann that the playing of them was like scooping from a real fountain of youth?GriegNo, it's Mozart
14"Sheer perfection. Never has anything like this been created, "not even by Beethoven." These words of Brahms's refer to which opera by Mozart first performed in 1786?The Magic FluteNo, it's The Marriage of Figaro
15For ten points, I want you to identify the artist, please.Masaccio? BotticelliNo, it's Raphael
16Dr Slop and Parson Yorick are characters in which comic novel whose first volume appeared in 1759?Tom Jones? NoIt's Tristram Shandy
17Pridoli, Ludlow, Wenlock and Llandovery are epochs in which geological period placed between the Ordovician and the Devonian?The Carboniferous? CambrianNo, it's the Silurian
18Knights, birds, frogs, wasps and clouds all feature in titles of plays by which ancient Athenian.Aristophanes
You get the picture bonuses. What we saw a moment ago was a painting by Raphael - it was a cartoon, in fact, intended ultimately to be transferred onto a tapestry. Your picture bonuses are three more tapestry cartoons on display in their own right in major galleries. Five points if you can name the artist in each case.
18And secondly.DavidNo, that's by Boucher, The Forge Of Vulcan at the Louvre
18And finally.DelacroixNo, that's by Rubens, The Triumph Of The Church
19Lough Ree and Lough Derg are lakes along the course of which river? It rises in County Cavan and flows into the Atlantic Ocean to the west of Limerick.The Shannon
Your bonuses are on Indira Gandhi.
19Indira Gandhi first became Prime Minister of India during which decade?1960s, maybe
19In her autobiography Daughter Of The East, which South Asian prime minister described her fascination with Mrs Gandhi? They first met when the former accompanied her father to post-war negotiations with India in 1972.Er, passBenazir Bhutto
19And finally, which novel of 1981 features a character modelled on Mrs Gandhi and describes the state of emergency she imposed from 1975 to '77?Midnight's Children
20In 1934, the US chemist Harold Urey won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of which form of hydrogen with a nucleus of one proton and one neutron?Deuterium
Your bonuses are on insects, Imperial.
20With around 40% of insect species, what is the largest insect order? Its name means "sheathed wings".Coleoptera
20Including butterflies and moths, what is often cited as the second-largest.Lepidoptera
20Finally, including house flies, gnats and mosquitoes.Diptera
21"A socialist United States of Europe "seems to me the only worthwhile political objective today." Those words appear in Towards European Unity, an essay of 1947 by which novelist and political writer?George Orwell
You retake the lead and you get bonuses on the 2016 European Football Championship.
21Wales reached the semifinals of a major tournament for the first time after a 3-1 win against which team?Belgium
21With six goals, which French forward won the Golden Boot for the tournament's highest scorer?Antoine Griezmann
21Which English Premier League referee took charge of the Euro 2016 final between France and Portugal?Mark Clattenburg
22The procurer Darling Daintyfoot and the drag queen Divine feature in which French author's. which French author's semi-autobiographical debut novel - you lose five points - of 1943, entitled Our Lady Of The Flowers?Albert CamusNo, it was Jean Genet