Season 47, Episode 8

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 The name of which major world religion, comprising several varied philosophies, beliefs and rituals, was coined only in the early 19th century by British writers from. ..from the term used by Ancient Greeks and Persians for the inhabitants of the Indus Valley?ZoroastrianismNo, it's Hinduism
2Which two bodies of the solar system have been described, "Both have rotation periods of about 30 Earth days. "One has a radius of about 1,700km, the other, about 700,000km, "while their mean distances from Earth "are around 380,000 and 150 million kilometres"?Uranus and Neptune. Mercury and JupiterNo, it's the moon and the sun
3What three letters begin words meaning an exclamation of joy, a sudden movement accompanied by a rushing sound, and a colloquial term for a. ?W-H-O
Your bonuses - the first set of bonuses in this match - are on first symphonies. In each case, the answer is a Russian composer.
3Firstly, for five, 1867 saw the performance of an early version of which Russian composer's Symphony No.Tchaikovsky
3Secondly, which composer's Symphony No.Rachmaninoff
3And, finally, the first of which composer's 15 symphonies received its premiere in Leningrad in 1926 when the composer was 19 years old?Shostakovich
4The top ten of The Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2016 and '17 included nine institutions in the USA and the UK, and one in which country? The institution in question is a Federal Institute of Technology. ..a Federal Institute of Technology that has produced over 20 Nobel laureates, including Albert Einstein?GermanyNo, it's Switzerland
5A bull's-eye shaped rash known as Erythema migrans is a symptom of which bacterial disease?Lyme's disease
Right, your bonuses, Sheffield Hallam, are on George Orwell's 1984.
5Firstly, for five, of what practice does Orwell write, quote, "The horrible thing about it was not that one was obliged to act apart, "but that it was impossible to avoid joining in.RalliesIt's the Two Minutes Hate
5Secondly, which verb did the Newspeak experts' sign describe as, "One of those interesting words that have two contradictory meanings.CootNo, it's duckspeak
5And, finally, what eight-letter term is applied to the disgraced Comrade Withers, of whom Orwell says, "He did not exist.NonpersonNo, it's unperson
6Which English monarch wrote the work known in English as the Assertion Of The Seven Sacraments, for which the Pope granted him the title Defender of the Faith?Henry VIII
Your bonuses are on the Scottish mathematician John Napier, Newcastle.
6Born in 1550, Napier was the first to define and name what mathematical construct in an effort to reduce multiplication, division and root extraction to addition and subtraction?Napier's bonesNo, they're logarithms
6Secondly, what short term is used to describe the objects used in the calculating device described by Napier in his 1617 book Rabdologiae?Napier's bones
6And, finally, first published in 1593 and dedicated to James VI, Napier's most widely diffused work was a theological treatise on which book of the New Testament?Revelations
7For your picture starter, you'll see a graph that shows the varying worldwide interest registered over time by the Google search engine. In which neologism?Brexit
So, we follow on from the Google data for Brexit with picture bonuses, in this case on a single graph showing British interest registered by Google over time in three major British politicians. For five points in each case, I want you to give me the name of the politician.
7Firstly, the politician represented by the blue line.Boris JohnsonNo, it's Nick Clegg. September 2012 was the tuition fees issue
7Secondly, name the politician represented by the yellow line.Jeremy CorbynNo, that's Nicola Sturgeon. September 2014 was the time of the Scottish referendum
7And, finally, identity the figure represented by the red line.Nigel FarageNo, that's David Cameron
8At more than 2,600ft, Askival is the highest mountain on which Scottish island? A site for the reintroduction of sea eagles in Scotland, it's part of the archipelago.'s part of the archipelago known as the Small Isles, along with Eigg, Muck and Canna.MullNo, it's Rum
9In the Braille system of embossed printing, each character is made up of one to six raised dots arranged in a six-position matrix or cell. Excluding a blank cell, how many Braille cells can be created that way?720. 360No, it's 63
10Who painted The Problem We All Live With, depicting a young African-American girl being escorted to school? He's primarily noted for illustrations, including.Norman Rockwell
Right, you get a set of bonuses on ancient philosophers, Newcastle.
10Nicknamed "the dog" for his shameless public behaviour, Diogenes of Sinope is the archetype of which Greek philosophical sect that stressed stoic self-sufficiency and the rejection of luxury?Cynics
10Which disciple of Socrates is considered to have been the founder of the Cynic school, although Diogenes is often given the credit?Antisthenes
10Which king is reputed to have asked Diogenes what he might do for him, and was told, "Only step out of my sunlight"?Yeah, SolonNo, it's Alexander the Great
11Adam's Bridge, or Rama's Bridge, is a chain of shoals and sandbanks that stretches between which present-day island state and the Asian mainland?Sri Lanka
These bonuses, Newcastle, are on the solar system.
11If one defines spring as running from the vernal equinox to the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, which planet of the solar system has a spring that lasts almost 200 days?VenusNo, it's Mars
11Which planet's spring is about four Earth years long, although the seasons mark little variation in sunlight, as the planet's axis is tilted only three degrees from the plane of the ecliptic?UranusNo, that's Jupiter
11And, finally, which planet's northern springtime lasts more than 40 Earth years?Neptune
12For your music starter, you'll hear a piece of popular music. For ten points, please give me the name of the artist. # I used to go out to parties # And stand around # Cos I was too nervous # To really get down # But my body yearned to be free # I got up on the floor. # Sly And The Family Stone.No. Anyone like to buzz from NewcastleThat was Marvin Gaye
13What is the only chemical element named after a location in the United Kingdom? The settlement in question is a village on the.Strontium
Well, the Marvin Gaye track that you failed to recognise earlier, as your music starter, was the subject of a legal dispute when Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were sued for over 7 million when their song, Blurred Lines, was held to have plagiarised that recording. For your music bonuses, three more examples of music plagiarism.
13First, for five points, I want not the name of the band you hear, but the name of the original artist whose work was plagiarised. He and the cowriters of this track now share royalties to it. # And when you might think you're going to cry # It will be all right Step out tonight # You might think you're going to cry # You will be all right.We don't knowStevie Wonder
13Secondly, instead of the name of the band you'll hear, I want the name of the band who were successfully sued over similarities in their 1992 debut single to this song. # If I could make a wish # I think I'd pass # Can't think of anything I need # No cigarettes, no sleep.OasisLet's hear now Radiohead - the other side of that coin
13# And, finally, I want the title of the latest song that plagiarised this work. # They're really rockin' in Boston # In Pittsburgh, PA # Deep in the heart of Texas # And round the Frisco Bay # All over St Louis # And down in New Orleans # All the cats want to dance with sweet little 16 # Sweet little 16 # She's just got to have # About half a million.NoThat was Chuck Berry, of course
14Also known as the Isle of Pearls, what is the largest island of Venezuela? It shares its name with a title character of a novel by Bulgakov, and with a cocktail.Margarita
You get a set of bonuses on the works of Umberto Eco.
14Published just after his death, Eco's final book, Pape Satan Aleppe, takes its title from ambiguous words at the start of the seventh canto of the first part of which poem?The Divine Comedy
14Published in 1988, which of Eco's novels features Knights Templar, Masons and Nazis, and has been described as both an encyclopaedic detective story and.In The Name Of The RoseNo, it's Foucault's Pendulum
14And, finally, Brother William of Baskerville is the protagonist of which novel of 1980 by Eco?In The Name Of The Rose
15A Personal Record is an autobiographical work of 1912 by which novelist? He describes his youth in Russian Poland.Conrad
Your bonuses, Sheffield Hallam, are on the melting points of metallic elements, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Give an answer, please, each time, in Celsius, and you can have 10% either way.
15The melting point of chromium is 1,890 degrees Celsius.600 degreesNo, it's 1,538, so you're not NEARLY close enough
15Secondly, the melting point of pure silver is 961 degrees.900No, it's 1,063
15Keeping your answer as a whole number, what is the melting point of lead?290It's 328
16In psychology, the Lombard reflex is an increase in vocal intensity in response to what condition?Stress. DeafnessNo, it's background noise or ambient noise
17I need an eight-letter, single-word answer. What is the first verb in the first line of Wordsworth's poem Daffodils?Wandered. "I wandered lonely as a cloud."
Right, the bonuses this time for you, Newcastle, are on a name.
17Situated entirely within the Canadian Northwest Territories, what is the fourth largest lake in North America?Great Bear Lake
17Secondly, the Great Bear is an artwork by Simon Patterson, which substitutes the names of engineers, philosophers, footballers and others for those usually found on which iconic diagram, created by Harry Beck in 1931?The London Underground map
17Found in the constellation known as the Great Bear, what name is commonly given to the seven bright stars that include Mizar, Merak and Megrez?The Plough
18For your picture starter, you're going to see a painting by a Dutch artist. Ten points, please, if you can give me the name of the painter.Brueghel. The Elder
Brueghel's painting was used as the front cover for the Fleet Foxes' 2008 eponymous album. Your music bonuses are three more artworks that have been used as, or been the inspiration for, album covers. This time, in each case, I want the name of the painter and the group or artist who have used the image.
18Firstly, for five, name this painter and the group who used this painting as the inspiration for an album cover released in 1985.We don't know, sorryIt's Rum Sodomy and The Lash by The Pogues
18Secondly, name this painter and the solo artist who used this painting as the inspiration for a Grammy Award-winning album, released in 1994.Van Gogh and BlurIt is Van Gogh, of course. But it was also used on the cover of Joni Mitchell's album, Turbulent Indigo
18And, finally, can you name this painter and the pop group who used this image as the cover for their 2008 album?Delacroix and Coldplay
19In the English translation of the Apology of Socrates, what kind of life does the title figure describe as not worth living?The unexamined life
Right, your bonuses are on a painter, Sheffield Hallam.
19Who's generally regarded to have been the first Flemish artist to sign his paintings, with several works also bearing his aristocratic motto, Als Ik Kan, meaning as best I can?RubensNo, it's Jan van Eyck
19Secondly, believed to have been begun by his brother Hubert, and completed by Jan van Eyck in about 1432, the altarpiece known as the Adoration of the Lamb is in which Flemish cathedral?YpresNo, it's the Ghent Altarpiece
19And, finally, a work housed in London's National Gallery, and generally considered to be a self-portrait by van Eyck, is usually called Man In A Red what?CapeNo, it's turban
20William Reilly's Men Of Respect, starring John Turturro, and Akira Kurosawa's Throne Of Blood are both based on which play by Shakespeare?Macbeth
You get a set of bonuses on British prime ministers and popular fiction.
20Which prime minister, firstly, was in office when Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound Of The Baskervilles first appeared in print in The Strand Magazine?The Earl of Salisbury
20Agatha Christie's Murder On The Orient Express first appeared when which prime minister was in office?It was Ramsay MacDonald
20And, finally, who was prime minister when Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone was first published?Tony Blair
21An answer to one decimal place is acceptable. How many acres are there in a hectare?4.3. 46.12.47
22An anagram of Boolean logic operation, give the three-letter abbreviation that refers to bodies in the solar system that orbit beyond the eighth planet.