Season 47, Episode 7

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 Coined in the 1970s, what nine-letter term indicates the phenomenon in which the moon appears to be unusually large in the sky?Super moon
You get a set of bonuses on patience, Trinity.
1"One of the most notable examples of what can be achieved "by patience without much in the way of genius," these words of Bertrand Russell refer to which German astronomer born 1571?OK. HerschelNo, it was Kepler
1 "Patience and time are my warriors, my champions." In which novel of the late 1860s does General Kutuzov make that observation?War And Peace
1"She sat like patience on a monument, smiling at grief. "Was not this love indeed?" In which of Shakespeare's plays does Viola say those words?Twelfth Night
2Called by the French philosopher Auguste Comte in the mid-19th century, what term...? What term is defined as the disinterested or selfless concern for the wellbeing of others, especially as a principle of action and as opposed...?Altruism
You get a set of bonuses on an American organisation.
2In 1871, the Union veterans Colonel William C Church and George Wingate founded which association?The NRA
2In 2000, which Oscar-winning actor and NRA president taunted opposing organisations with his declaration that they could have his gun when they prised it, "from my cold, dead hands"?Clint EastwoodNo, it's Charlton Heston
2And finally, which film-maker became a lifetime member of the NRA in order to run against Heston as the organisation's president?Michael Moore
3Andrea Wulf's 2016 work, The Invention Of Nature, concerns the life of which naturalist and explorer born in Berlin in 1769?Alexander von Humboldt
Right, your bonuses are on recipients of the Royal Society's Hughs Medal, awarded in recognition of original discoveries in the physical sciences. In each case, identify the recipient from the citation.
3Firstly, the 1942 recipient for his outstanding contributions to the knowledge of the electrical structure of matter, his work in quantum theory and his experimental studies of the neutron.ChadwickNo, it's Enrico Fermi
3Secondly, the 1929 recipient for his invention and development of methods of counting alpha and beta particles.Hans Geiger is right
3And finally, the 1913 recipient for his share in the invention of the telephone and more especially the construction of the telephone receiver.Graham Bell
4In which ancient land of Western Anatolia were the first coins thought to have been created in the 7th century BC? The same word is the given name of Miss Languish in Sheridan's The Rivals and of a sister of Elizabeth... Lydia is correct
These bonuses are on an allegorical poem, Trinity.
4John Dryden's verse satire Absalom And Achitophel represents contemporary public figures under biblical names. In the poem, King David is generally held to represent which royal figure?Charles INo, it's Charles II
4Secondly, the character of Cora represents which renegade priest, the fabricator of the 1678 Popish plot?John FisherNo, it's Titus Oates
4And finally, the title figure Absalom represents which of Charles's illegitimate sons? Four years after the poem's publication, he was executed, following a failed rebellion.The Earl of RichmondNo, it was the Duke of Monmouth
5For your picture starter, you'll see a map showing the distribution of rocks from a particular geological period.Ten points if you can name the period. CambrianNo, it's Carboniferous, so we'll take the picture bonuses in a moment or two
6"Sculpture to me is primitive, religious, passionate and magical." These are the words of which 20th-century British artist? A fellow student of Henry Moore at Leeds College of Art, her home at St Ives is now... Barbara Hepworth
We follow on from that map of carboniferous rocks which you failed to identify with picture bonuses - three more outline maps showing the distribution of rocks of a particular geological period. Again, I simply need the period in each case.
6Firstly, this.OrdovicianNo, that's Devonian
6And secondly, this period.PermianNo, that's Jurassic
6And finally this period.Cretaceous
7The discovery of what particle in 1936 prompted the physicist Isidor Isaac Rabi to say, "Who ordered that?" It has a half life of about two microseconds and a mass of about 200 times that of the electron, with the same charge and spin as the electron.The anti-protonNo, it's the muon
8What is the original language of the literary works known by the English titles The Book Of Disquiet, The Elephant's Journey, The Posthumous Memoirs Of Bras Cubas, and The Lusiads?Venetian? SanskritNo, it's Portuguese
9Referring to a human activity, what general name is given to fish of the order Lophiiformes, which include several species in which males live as permanent parasites on their mates?Anglerfish is right, yes
Your bonuses this time, Trinity, are on a fruit.
9Which tropical fruit is the most widely cultivated food crop of the plants in the bromeliad family?MangoNo, it's pineapple
9Secondly, which park near Stirling contains an elaborately sculpted giant stone pineapple, constructed in the 18th century?PassIt's Dunmore Park
9And finally, later arranged by Charles Mackerras, the music to the ballet Pineapple Poll was written by which English composer, born 1842?ElgarNo, it's Arthur Sullivan
10The American Alfred G Badger is particularly associated with the manufacture in the 19th century of which musical instrument, helping to popularise the new system of keying developed by the German musician Theobald Boehm?Trumpet? SaxophoneNo, it's the flute
11What adjective links a 1919 work by HL Mencken, a painting of 1930 by Grant Wood, a novel of 1997 by Philip Roth, a film of 1999... American is correct, yes
Right, your bonuses are on Ireland this time, UCL. In each case, name the Irish county that shares its name with the following.
11Firstly, a Cambridge college founded in 1326 and named after a granddaughter of Edward I and a follower of St Francis of Assisi who founded The Order Of Poor Ladies and was canonised in 1255?That's in Wales, I thinkNo, it's Clare
11Secondly, a major Australian film director of the silent era and a British peer noted for championing penal reform and causes celebres?DonegalNo, it's Longford
11And finally, a flavour of quark found in the neutron and a physician noted for his description of the genetic disorder caused by a third copy of chromosome 21?Down
12Bruttium, or "Aga Brutius", was the name given in antiquity to the area roughly corresponding to which present-day Italian region? Having coastlines on both the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas, it occupies the so-called toe of the country.Calabria
Trinity, you get a set of bonuses on matrices.
12Firstly, from the name of a French mathematician born in 1822, what term is applied to a square matrix, the elements of which are complex numbers, and which is unchanged by taking the transpose of its complex conjugate?CauchyNo, it's a Hermitian matrix
12Secondly, what name is given to a matrix with complex elements whose inverse is equal to the transpose of its complex conjugate?Unitary
12What term is commonly applied to the special case of a unitary matrix, all of whose elements are real numbers?Correct
13An excerpt from a musical, ten points if you can give me the title of the musical. # Your hero in... #Hamilton is correct
It's based on the life of the founding father and first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. For your music bonuses, three more excerpts from that musical. This time, in each case, I want you to tell me the name of the historical character you can hear.
13Firstly... # France is following us to revolution... #That is Thomas Jefferson
13Secondly name the soloist here. # Seven # Confession time Here's what I've got... #Aaron Burr
13And finally... # You'll be back... # George III
14Which King of England defeated his older brother in the Battle of Tinchebray in Normandy? The defeated brother, Robert Curthose, was imprisoned until his death... Henry I is correct
You get a set of bonuses on an animal, UCL.
14"With monstrous head and sickening cry "And ears like errant wings "The devil's walking parody On all four-footed things." These words from a poem by GK Chesterton refer to which animal?ElephantNo, it's the donkey
14Secondly, which 14th-century French philosopher gives his name to the dilemma of free will exemplified by an ass unable to decide between two identical haystacks from which to feed? 14th-century French philosopher?RabelaisNo, it's Jean Buridan
14And finally the pons asinorum, or ass's bridge, is a name given to a proposition related to the angles of an isosceles triangle in the works of which mathematician?Euclid is correct, yes
15Quote, "A significant provincial adjective, "descriptive of the atmospheric tumult to which its station "is exposed in stormy weather." What word is described in these terms in a novel of 1847 by Emily Bronte?Wuthering
Your bonuses, Trinity, are on female politicians in the Americas.
15Firstly, for five, from 1990, Eugenia Charles served as Prime Minister of which island country, situated between Martinique and Guadeloupe?St LuciaNo, it's Dominica
15Secondly, born in Chicago in 1920, Janet Jagan was the first female president in South America.PeruNo, it's Guyana
15Since 2006, Portia Simpson-Miller has twice served as Prime Minister of which Caribbean island nation?Jamaica
16What Latin preposition appears in two-word expressions meaning enduring forever, intended only for a specific purpose, and argument that criticises a person rather than...Ad
Right, you get a set of bonuses this time on the Roman Empire, UCL.
16Which client kingdom became a Roman province in AD 46?Thrace
16Established by Augustus in Anatolia in 25 BC, which Roman province is thought to have given its name to the ninth book of the New Testament?No, we don't knowIt's Galatia
16And Camulodunum was the first capital of which province, established as a result of Claudius's invasion in AD 43?Britain
17For your picture starter, you're going to see a painting. 10 points if you can name the artist.Van Dyck
That is part of the collection at Holkham Hall, UCL, the seat of the Earls of Leicester in Norfolk. Your picture bonuses are three more paintings from that collection, with five points for each artist you can name.
17Firstly, for five....PoussinNo, that's by Claude
17And secondly... That is Gainsborough - Thomas William Coke
17And finally... Canaletto
18"As soon as the coin in the coffer rings "The soul from Purgatory springs." In the 16th century, this couplet was attributed to the German friar Johann Tetzel and referred to what form of religious payment?Indulgences
Trinity, your bonuses are on pairs of words separated only by the prefixes pro and con - for example, profuse and confuse. In each case, give both words from the definitions.
18Firstly, the byname of the King of England from 1042 and the title held by Challenger and Moriarty in the stories by Conan Doyle.Confessor and Professor
18Secondly, the political party led by Gandhi and Nehru, and an official term made by a monarch or a high dignitary.Progress and Congress
18And finally, the fundamental principles according to which a body politic is governed, and an activity associated with Zola's Nana and Hugo's Fantine.Constitution and prostitution
19Named after a pre-Columbian people, the Lucayan Archipelago comprises the Turks and Caicos Islands and which island nation lying to the north of the Greater Antilles?Bahamas
These bonuses, UCL, are on physiology. In each case, give the generic descriptor letter for the following vitamins. No numbers are required.
19Firstly, for five points, tocopherol.E
19Secondly, cholecalciferol.D
19And finally, phylloquinone.B
20"If God exists, why write literature? "And if he doesn't, why write literature?" These are the words of which French dramatist, whose works include The Bald Soprano and Rhinoceros?Eugene Ionesco
These bonuses are on Russia, UCL.
20About the size of Scotland, what is Russia's largest island?Sakhalin
20Secondly, which Russian literary figure travelled to Sakhalin in 1890 and later wrote a research thesis about the penal colony there?DostoyevskyNo, it was Chekhov
20And the Sakhalin oblast, or province, includes the Kuril Islands. Which country disputes sovereignty of the southernmost islands of that group?Japan
21Which decisive battle is the subject of the novelist Bernard Cornwell's first non-fiction work? Its subtitle is The History Of Four Days... Waterloo
Your bonuses are on the Victorian company promoter Albert Grant.
21Grant is often said to have been the model for the bogus financier Augustus Melmotte in The Way We Live Now, a novel of 1875 by which author?HardyNo, it's Trollope
21In 1868, Grant was created a baron of the Kingdom of Italy in recognition of his services in the building of the Victor Emmanuel Gallery, a large commercial arcade in which city?Milan
21And finally, in 1874, Grant restored the gardens of which London square, donating a statue of William Shakespeare which still stands there?Leicester Square
22Described heraldically as saltire gules in a field argent, the cross associated with which saint was added to the union flag in 18...? ..In 1801.St Patrick
If you get these bonuses, it'll be level pegging. They're on politics and social science. In each case, give the single word that completes these titles. All three answers end in the letters -ism.