Season 47, Episode 6

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 from a word meaning "forced labour", what short word did the Czech author, Karel Capek...?Robot
So you get the first set of bonuses, Oxford Brookes, they're on English indie bands.
1Chocolate and The City are tracks on the 2013 number-one debut album by which Manchester four-member band? Its name includes the year that saw the Sex Pistols first gig at St Martin's School of Art.The 1975
1In 2015, which band had their first number-one album with Marks To Prove It? Their name is that of a priestly family of Jews who organised a successful rebellion against Antiochus IV in the second century BC.Maccabees
1And finally, which band had a number-one album in 2013 with Bad Blood? It shares its name with the Paris fortress that was first used by Colonel Richelieu as a state prison?Bastille
2Ten points for this - now in common use, which two terms did William Whewell recommend in 1834 for describing opposing directions of electric current after rejecting...? ..after rejecting some of Michael Faraday's suggestions?Positive and negativeNo, it's anode and cathode
3Ten points for this - what seven-letter word is this? Originally an American slang term for a dishonest means of regulating a gambling game, it can also mean an item used in a conjuring trick, a professional wrestler's in-ring persona... Prestige. ..a professional wrestler's in-ring persona, and a showy device used to attract attention or publicity.EnigmaNo, it's a gimmick
4Ten points for this - although considered to be one of the founding members of the Impressionist movement, which French artist preferred to call himself a realist or an independent? ..his outdoor scenes often depicted horse races, but he's chiefly associated with indoor subjects, such as lawn dresses and ballet dancers?Degas
These bonuses are on Galileo, Oxford Brookes.
4In 1613, Galileo published a work on what astronomical phenomena, disputing Christophe Scheiner's contention that there were satellites orbiting a major heavenly body?Satellites around the moonNo, it's sunspots
4Studied and named by Galileo in 1599, which curve is the locus of a point on the rim of a circle of radius A, if the circle is rolled along a straight line?Cycloid
4When Galileo used a telescope to observe the night sky, which was the furthest of the planets he studied in detail? He initially described it as, "Not a single star, "but a composite of three, which almost touch each other."Saturn
5Ten points for this - the body of Mary Queen of Scots was interred for a time at which East Anglian cathedral before it was removed to Westminster Abbey, at the wish of James I? Catherine of Aragon was also buried there, and is commemorated each year by a festival in January.NorwichPeterborough
These bonuses are on Ancient Greece and modern theme parks. In each case, listen to the explanation and give the single-word name of the roller coaster and the name of the UK theme park at which it's located.
5Firstly, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, it commemorated a victory over Demetris the Besieger, the son of Antigonus the One-eyed.Colossus at Thorpe Park
5Secondly, a long, poetic work, its characters include Polyphemus, Calypso and Circe?Odyssey, Chessington World of AdventuresNo, it is Odyssey, but it's at Fantasy Island, near Skegness
5And finally, the single-word name of which roller coaster means - "Spirit of retribution against those who display hubris"?Nemesis, Alton Towers
6We're going to take a picture starter, which will show you three flags. For ten points, name the country that's bordered by all three of these countries.Cambodia. They're the flags of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam
For your bonuses, you're going to see three more sets of three flags, in each case, name the country that borders all three, but no others.
6Secondly... Suriname
6And finally...Bosnia-Herzegovina
7Ten points for this - born in Brunswick in 1777, which German mathematician gives his name both to the law that states that the electric flux across...?Gauss
These bonuses are on fathers and sons known as the elder and the younger.
7Firstly, for five points - give the surname of the two 18th-century British architects and town planners, best known for Palladian buildings in Bath, such as the Circus and the Royal Crescent.PassIt's Wood, the elder and younger
7Secondly, what name can denote either of two Roman literary figures, the elder being a teacher of rhetoric, while the younger was an author of verse tragedies, who tutored the Emperor Nero?Seneca
7Give the surname of the two 16th-century Flemish painters, whose works between them include The Peasant Wedding and The Census At Bethlehem?Breugel is correct, yes
8Ten points for this - "A happy ending was imperative, "I was determined that, in fiction, anyway, two men should fall "in love and remain in it for the ever and ever that fiction allows." These words refer to which novel, published in 1971...?Maurice. By EM Forster
So you get your first set of bonuses, Courtauld, they're on American artists.
8Firstly, born in 1915, which abstract expressionist created the series entitled Elegy To The Spanish Republic?Robert Motherwell
8Secondly, appearing in various forms in different media, which pop artist's most enduring image is the word "love" in upper case, red lettering, with the L and a tilted O on top of the V and E?Robert Indiana
8And finally, adopting the name of the Midwest city in which she was born, which feminist artist's works include the large, 1970s, mixed-media installation entitled The Dinner Party?Judy Chicago
9Ten points for this - in the 1947-48 cricket season, the Australian Bill Brown was twice run out while backing up, by which Indian bowler? His name is now used eponymously for this form of dismissal, regarded by some as controversial.Bodyline. No, anyone like to buzz from The CourtauldIt's Mankad
10Ten points for this - published in 2016, The Bricks That Built The Houses is the debut novel by which south London poet, playwright, spoken-word performer and rapper...?Kate Tempest
You get three questions on the shipping forecast, Oxford Brookes.
10Two shipping forecast areas share their names with firths, or estuaries, on the Scottish coast. Please name both of them.Forth and ClydeNo, it's Forth and Cromarty
10And secondly, in 2002, the Finisterre shipping forecast area was renamed after which historical figure, the founder of the meteorological office?Erm...SmithNo, it's Robert FitzRoy, the captain of HMS Beagle
10And finally, "Is this your ridiculous idea of a joke?" - says a teacher in the 1969 film Kes, when Billy Casper interrupts his reading of the register after the name Fisher.DoggerNo, it's German Bight
11Ten points for this - what six-letter surname links a general who defected to the British during the American Revolution...?Arnold
You get a set of bonuses on the works of Tennyson, Courtauld.
11In a poem by Tennyson, who what is described as sleeping... "Below the thunders of the ancient deep "Far, far beneath, in the abysmal sea "His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep"?King Arthur
11"To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield," is the last line of which dramatic monologue by Tennyson, named after a figure in Greek myth?OdysseusNo, it's Ulysses
11And finally, referring to an episode in Homer's Odyssey, which poem by Tennyson states that, "Surely, surely, slumber is more sweet than toil"?CirceNo, it's the Lotus-eaters
12For your music starter, you'll hear a piece of music from an opera. For ten points, I want you to name the opera, please. SPARSE, ETHEREAL MUSIC # Summertime... # Porgy and Bess
Summertime is, of course, one of the most-covered songs of all time. For your music bonuses, three more recordings of Summertime, each by a different solo artist. Five points in each case if you can give me the name of the artist.
12Firstly... LIVELY JAZZ SAXOPHONE Charlie ParkerNo, that's John Coltrane
12Secondly, who's this? SHUFFLING BLUES SOPRANO SAX AND GUITARLouis ArmstrongNo, that's Sidney Bechet
12And finally... BRASS-BACKED FEMALE VOCALS # Summertime # And the living is easy # Fish are jumping # And the cotton is high... #It is Billie Holiday, yes
13Right, ten points for this - with a total mass probably no more than 5% of that of our moon, which group of objects are classified according to their reflection spectra by letters including S for siliceous, M for metallic, and C for carbonaceous?Asteroids
You get a set of bonuses on the British coast, this time, Oxford Brookes.
13Flamborough Head is a chalk promontory that separates Filey Bay from which other bay, immediately to the south?WhitbyNo, it's Bridlington Bay
13At the Battle of Flamborough Head, the Bonhomme Richard embarrassed the Royal Navy by capturing HMS Serapis.Sorry, we don't knowIt's the American War of Independence
13And finally - a few miles north of Flamborough Head, Bempton Cliffs is the site of a visitor centre owned by which registered charity?The RSPB, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, is correct
14Ten points for this - "Is he French or is he Flemish? "Whatever we say, someone will complain." To which painter does this refer?Watteau is correct, yes
You get a set of bonuses, Courtauld Institute, on human anatomy.
14To which organ of the human body does the adjective "otic" refer?The spleenNo, it's the ear
14Secondly, which two nerve branches transmit sensory impulses for balance and hearing to the brain?Central nervous system... No, it's the vestibular and the cochlear
14And finally, the cochlear and the vestibular nerves form a cranial nerve given what numerical designation?TenNo, it's eight, or the eighth
15Ten points for this - in 1984, what did George Orwell describe as, "The one public event to which the proles paid serious attention?" "..the proles paid serious attention. "It was their delight, their folly, their anodyne, "their intellectual stimulant."DrinkingNo, it's the lottery
16Ten points for this - which novel by Thackeray relates the life and times of its eponymous narrator, an 18th-century Irishman...?Barry Lyndon
Your bonuses are on women buried in London's Highgate Cemetery.
16Born in Bournemouth in 1880, which author was noted for The Unlit Lamp and The Well Of Loneliness?Erm... Ah... Agatha ChristieIt's Radclyffe Hall
16Born in London in 1829, a poet, artist and model for several of the Pre-Raphaelite artists, known by what name before she married Dante Gabriel Rossetti in 1860?Lizzie Siddal
16And finally - born in London in 1902, an author and journalist noted for the 1932 novel, Cold Comfort Farm?Stella Gibbons
17For your picture starter, you're going to see a painting. Ten points if you can tell me who painted it?Turner. No, anyone like to buzz from The CourtauldIt's by Constable
18Ten points at stake for this - the eighth-century Muslim saint, Rabiah al-Adawiyah, is seen principally as a mystic with direct experience of the divine, and hence is associated with which branch of Islam?Sufi
Now, you'll recall that you failed to identify John Constable's Harwich Lighthouse, which is part of the collection of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. For your bonuses, you're going to see three more English artists who are housed there. Five points for each artist you can identify.
18Firstly... Come on.Erm...WaterhouseNo, that's Edwin Landseer, The Hunting Of Chevy Chase
18Secondly, who's this by?TurnerNo, that's by Joseph Wright of Derby
18And finally... Ford Madox Brown
19Right, ten points for this - whose use of the modularity conjecture for semistable elliptic curves was noted in the official citation for the Abel Prize for mathematics in 2016, in particular, as part of his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem?Wiles
So you get a set of bonuses on African capitals.
19In each case, name both the capital and its country.Ah... Oh, Bangui, Central African Republic
19The first four letters of which capital spell an everyday, natural phenomenon, examples of which include helm, chinook and mistral?It's wind, so Windhoek... Windhoek, Namibia
19And finally, the first four letters of which capital spell the name of an extinct, flightless bird of Mauritius?Dodoma, Tanzania
20Ten points at stake for this - in 1935 and '57, which current German state was returned to Germany...?Saarland
Your bonuses are on baroque architecture now, Oxford Brookes.
20One of Germany's largest baroque palaces, the Ludwigsburg is situated in the south-west, just north of which state capital?Stuttgart
20And secondly, a Unesco World Heritage Site, the baroque residence of the former Prince-bishops is in which Bavarian city, between Nuremberg in Frankfurt?HeidelbergNo, it's Wurzburg
20And finally, the Chinese House is in the grounds of the Palace of Sanssouci, in which German state capital, not far from Berlin?LeipzigNo, it's Potsdam
21Ten points for this - in 1914, the ruler of which Empire held titles including King of Jerusalem, Lord of the Windic March, Grand Prince of Transylvania and Grand Duke...? ..and Grand Duke of Tuscany and Krakow?Austro-Hungarian Empire
You get a set of bonuses now on the US performer, Danny Kaye.
21Firstly for five - early in his career, Danny Kaye was noted for a patter song that recited names such as Stravinsky, Glinka and Rachmaninov in rapid succession.Tchaikovsky
21In a 1947 film, Kaye played which henpecked husband, the title character of a short story by James Thurber?It's Walter Mitty, as in The Secret Life Of