Season 47, Episode 5

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 What seven-letter word connects a dough or batter containing wild yeast and bacteria for making sourdough, an electric motor responsible for turning over an...?Starter
Warwick, the first bonuses are on poetry.
1"All that glisters is not gold Often have ye heard that told." In which play by Shakespeare do those lines occur?Merchant Of Venice
1Secondly, "Nor all that glisters gold" is the final line of the poem entitled On A Favourite Cat Drowned In A Tub Of Goldfishes. Which 18th-century poet was the author?PopeNo, it was Thomas Gray
1Oh, OK. "All that is gold does not glitter Not all those who wander are lost." These lines from Tolkien's The Fellowship Of The Ring refer to which character?Aragorn
2Which US state has given its name to the element formerly known by the placeholder name ununseptium? The state's name was chosen to acknowledge both the Vanderbilt University and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.Tennessee
Your bonuses are on figures of the Scottish Enlightenment, Warwick.
2The six-volume History Of England and A Treatise Of Human Nature are among the works of which empiricist philosopher, born in Edinburgh in 1711?Hume
2Which philosopher was born in 1723 and died at St Andrews in 1816? He's been described as the father of modern sociology, and his most notable work is his 1767 essay On The History Of Civil Society.BlackstoneNo, it's Adam Ferguson of Raith
2And finally, in 1759, The Theory Of Moral Sentiments is a work by which philosopher and political economist? His magnum opus of 1776 is widely regarded as the first work of modern economics.Smith
3Of what prominent structure did the art critic Robert Hughes say, "One thing is sure, this is the first Catholic temple whose "bacon was ever saved by Shinto tourism - "not even Gaudi, who believed in miracles, could have foreseen that"?The Sagrada Familia
Three questions on ancient writings for you, Warwick, now.
3In which present-day country are the Bisotun Cliffs, the site of a set of cuneiform inscriptions that helped in the deciphering of Elamite, Old Persian and Akkadian?Iran
3Which scroll is a key written example of the ancient Egyptian approach to mathematical problem solving? It's often named after the Scottish lawyer who acquired it in Egypt in the 1850s.Er, MacDonaldNo, it's the Rhind Papyrus
3And finally, the Rosetta Stone bears writing in three different scripts. Egyptian demotic is one. Name the other two.Hieroglyphs and Greek
4"The incomparable light of English letters" - these words of the Dutch humanist Erasmus refer to which court poet, whose...? ..whose satirical poems include Phillip Sparrow and Ware The Hawk? In 1512, he was granted the title orator regius by Henry VIII, whose tutor he'd once been.SidneyNo, it's John Skelton
5Which upper-case Greek letter represents, in statistics, the sample, space or total set of possible outcomes...?Omega
These bonuses are on minimalism, Warwick.
5"Less is more" and "God is in the details" are phrases associated with which minimalist architect, born in Germany in 1886? His buildings include Farnsworth House in Illinois and the Seagram Building in New York City.Correct
5Consisting of 120 identical firebricks arranged in various configurations, the series of installations known as Equivalents was created by which American minimalist artist?RothkoNo, it was Carl Andre
5And finally, described as a 30-second play consisting only of a pile of rubbish, a breath and a cry, the minimalist 1969 stage work with the title Breath was created by which Nobel laureate?Beckett
6For your picture starter, you're going to see a chart showing details of a decisive battle. For ten points, I want you to identify the present-day country whose independence this battle helped secure.Chile? It's the Battle of Chacabuco during the Chilean War of Independence
OK, so your picture bonuses are graphics relating to three more notable events of 1817.
6Firstly, what is the name of the waterway in red begun in 1817?Eyrie-Hudson Canal
6Secondly, name the missing element discovered in 1817.Cadmium
6And finally, can you name this bridge, opened by the Prince Regent in 1817?Blackfriars BridgeNo, it's Waterloo Bridge
7Consisting of three vertical bands, the flag of which EU member state could be described by the names of the seas on which the ports of Odessa, Incheon and...? ..Incheon and Suez respectively are situated?Belgium
Your bonuses now are on analytical techniques used in art conservation.
7Firstly, name the technique by which chemicals in the paint's binding medium can be identified by the sorting of gaseous ions in electric and magnetic fields according to their mass-to-charge ratios.Mass spectrometry
7Born in 1888, which Indian Nobel laureate gives his name to a type of spectroscopy that, among other applications, allows characterisation of pigments used in a painting?RamanajanEr, no, it's CV Raman
7And finally, involving electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths of 0.1 to 7.5 times ten to the minus five centimetres, which imaging technique is used to see the underdrawings and later revisions by the artist?X-ray crystallographyIt's infrared
8What five-letter surname connects the New York State governor who was the Republican presidential nominee in 1944 and '48, the pragmatist philosopher who led the progressive movement in education...? ..and the originator of a numerical library classification system?Dewey
Your bonuses are on post-war US presidential elections.
8Firstly for five points, the South Dakota Democrat George McGovern lost 49 states in the 1972 election. Which Republican won?It was Richard Nixon, yes
8Which Republican won only 52 electoral votes in 1964? His campaign claimed, "In your heart you know he's right." His opponents replied, "In your guts you know he's nuts."Goldwater
8And finally, who won re-election by defeating Walter Mondale, winning 49 states with 525 electoral votes to his opponent's 13?Reagan
9Quote - "The slamming of Helen Huntingdon's bedroom door "against her husband reverberated throughout Victorian England." These words of the author May Sinclair refer to which novel, first published in 1848 under the pseudonym Acton...?The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall
Right, you get a set of bonuses on Razia Sultan, the first female Muslim ruler in the Indian subcontinent.
9Firstly, in which city was Razia crowned in 1236?Delhi
9Razia's father, Iltutmish, named her as his successor despite having sons. This incurred the displeasure of the Council of Forty, composed of former slaves with origins in which country?AfghanistanNo, it's Turkey
9Razia's preferential treatment of her Habshi advisor Jamal-ud-Din Yaqut is believed to have caused her downfall. The term "Habshi" is derived from the Arabic for Africans from which present-day country?Ethiopia
10For your music starter, you'll hear a piece of popular music. For ten points, I'd like you to identify the band. MUSIC PLAYSIt is Blondie, yes. Union City Blues
They made their name at the now-defunct New York club CBGB in the mid-1970s, which had become a focal point for the city's punk and new-wave scenes. For your bonuses, three more bands closely associated with the CBGB, and five points for each you can identify.
10Firstly... # Hold tight Wait till the party's over # Hold tight We're in for nasty weather... #It was Talking Heads, Burning Down The House
10Secondly... # I wanna fly # Fly a fountain # I wanna jump, jump, jump # Jump a mountain # I understand all I see no... # The StranglersNo, that's Television, See No Evil
10And finally... # Twenty-twenty-twenty-four hours to go # I wanna be sedated... # The Ramones, I Wanna Be Sedated
11What expression is the Japanese for "hello" and is also the title of the 2016 Mercury Prize...Konnichi wa is correct
You get bonuses this time on diseases. The answer in each case is derived from an African language, Warwick.
11What condition is caused by severe protein deficiency? It is characterised by reddish-orange discolouration of the hair and symptoms including dry skin, rashes, a potbelly and oedema.BeriberiNo, it's kwashiorkor
11Secondly, which viral fever is transmitted by mosquitoes and causes patients to walk with a stooped posture as a result of severe musculoskeletal pain?Dengue feverNo, that's chikungunya
11And finally, which mosquito-borne viral disease is also called breakbone fever? Its name is thought to come from a Swahili phrase meaning "disease caused by an evil spirit".Dengue fever
12Consisting of units of the amino sugar glucosamine, which polysaccharide is...?Chitin
These bonuses are on Robert Baden-Powell, Warwick.
12First published in 1908, which manual by Baden-Powell has the subtitle A Handbook For Instruction In Good Citizenship Through Woodcraft?Scouting For Boys
12Brownsea Island was the site of an experimental camp organised by Baden-Powell in 1907 to test his ideas for the Scouting movement.Poole
12And finally, what is the two-word motto of the Scouts that Baden-Powell claimed was inspired by his own initials?"Be prepared."
13in which country is the National University of San Marcos, usually regarded as the oldest in...? ..regarded as the oldest in South America? Founded by royal decree in 1551, its main campus is about three kilometres from the Pacific Ocean.ChileNo, it's Peru
14Which bird does Gerard Manley Hopkins describe as "kingdom of daylight's dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn falcon"? The same bird is the title figure...It's a kestrel
Right, you get a set of bonuses, then, on the hormone leptin, Warwick.
14Specialised in producing and storing fat, what type of connective-tissue cells secrete the satiety hormone leptin?Epithelial cellsNo, it's adipocytes
14Secondly, leptins are proteins belonging to which class of intercellular messengers?CatecholaminesNo, it's cytokines
14Leptin expression and secretion can be regulated by which endocrine hormone? It's secreted by beta cells of the islets of Langerhans in response to increased blood glucose concentration.Insulin
15You will see a notable sculpture. For ten points, name the European country in which it's located.Spain. It's the Court of the Lions in Alhambra, Granada
Following on from the Court of the Lions at the Alhambra, your picture bonuses are three more sculptures of lions. Again, in each case simply name the country where they're located.
15Firstly for five... It's Mycenae in Greece
15Secondly, where's this?Singapore
15And finally... OK. Sri LankaNo, it's Cambodia
16From the Greek for "two households", what term in botany describes plants in which male and female organs are separated on different individuals, thus ensuring cross-fertilisation?Dichotoledanous? AngiospermsNo, they're diecious
17In February 2017, a late goal by Vincent Aboubakar against Egypt helped which country to win the Africa Cup of Nations for the fifth time?Cameroon
Right, these bonuses, York, are on UK geography. In each case, give the predominant cardinal direction in which one would travel in the shortest straight line from the first town or city to the second. For example, Lancaster to York is east.
17Firstly, Chester to Bangor, the university city.West
17Secondly, Ballymena to Newry.EastNo, that's south
17And finally, Leicester to Nottingham.North
18Published in 2016, Here I Am is the first novel in 11 years by which US author, whose prizewinning Princeton thesis formed the basis of his first novel, Everything Is Illuminated?Jonathan Safran Foer
You get a set of bonuses on royal burials, Warwick.
18Charles II, Queen Anne and George II are all buried at Westminster Abbey in a lady chapel constructed on the orders of which Tudor monarch?Elizabeth INo, it was Henry VII
18Charles I, William IV and Edward VII are among the British monarchs buried at which place of worship within Windsor Castle?The George ChapelIt's St George's Chapel
18Queen Victoria and Edward VIII are buried within the estate of which former royal residence in Windsor?Er, Widdowson HouseNo, it's Frogmore House
19Which two consonants link Bos indicus, a humped species of ox, the director of Moulin Rouge! and The Great Gatsby and a pen name of Charles Dickens?B and Z
Right, your bonuses this time, Warwick, are on British species of tit. In each case, give the common name from the binomial.
19First, Periparus ater. The second part of the binomial refers to its distinctive cap.The crested titNo, it's a coal tit
19Oh, OK. Secondly, Aegithalos caudatus. The specific refers to the common name.Blue titNo, that's the long-tailed tit
19And finally, Cyanistes caeruleus... Blue tit is correct
20A transformer in an electrical circuit has a primary coil of 1,200 turns and a secondary coil of 600 turns. If the input voltage is 240 volts, what would be the output voltage?120
You get three questions on debut novels by musicians, York, for your bonuses.
20Which Canadian's first novel, The Favourite Game, charts the coming of age of Laurence Breavman, the only son of a Jewish Montreal family?Leonard Cohen
20Secondly, the children's fantasy novel Wildwood is by Colin Meloy, the lead singer of which US band named after participants in a Russian uprising towards the end of 1825?The Decemberists
20Which English musician described the many negative reviews of his 2015 debut novel List Of The Lost as "an attack against me as a human being"?Morrissey
21"I've wasted time, and now doth time waste me..." Richard II.Richard II is correct
These bonuses are on elements known since antiquity. In each case, name the element from its position on the periodic table.
21Firstly for five, which element appears on the periodic table below oxygen and between phosphorus and chlorine?Sulfur
21Which element appears between tin and tellurium and above bismuth?ArsenicNo, it's antimony
21Finally, which element appears between platinum and mercury and below silver?