Season 47, Episode 3

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 What short word links the legislature of the German Empire or Holy Roman Empire from the early medieval period to the early 19th century with a prescribed course of food restricted in kind or limited in quantity?Diet
The first bonuses are on the stories of Sinbad the Sailor in One Thousand and One Nights.
1Firstly for five points, in the third and fifth voyages, Sinbad's ships are wrecked by large stones dropped by which mythological bird?Roc
1In the seventh and last voyage, Sinbad and his shipmates are captured by pirates believed to be based on the inhabitants of which archipelago between India and Burma?The Andaman Islands
1From which city does Sinbad set sail on his voyages?Basra
2A mixture of Yiddish, Italian, Spanish, Occitan, Thieves' cant, Romany, Cockney rhyming side, back slang and lingua franca, which former slang was a major part of gay culture until the late 1960s?Polari
These bonuses are on citizenship, Southampton.
2"I am a citizen not of Athens or Greece, but of the world." Which philosopher said that according to the Greek biographer Plutarch?Socrates
2"If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, "it shows he is a citizen of the world." Those are the words of which English philosopher born in 1561?Francis Bacon
2"The idea of a law of world citizenship is no high-flown "or exaggerated notion." Which German philosopher wrote those words in the 1795 work Perpetual Peace?Kant
3In medicine, what term derived from the Greek for concurrence is defined as a collection of symptoms of a disorder...?Syndrome
These bonuses are on events of 1867.
3Which physician first published his findings on antiseptic surgery in The Lancet in 1867? Through these means, he had greatly reduced surgical mortality in his Glasgow hospital.Joseph Lister
3The Physiology and Pathology of Mind is an 1867 work by which psychiatrist? He gives his name to a leading training hospital in South London.Thomas GuyNo, it's Henry Maudsley
3And, finally, in 1867, the English chemist Henry Roscoe first isolated which metallic element? Used in high-speed tool steels, it's named after a Nordic goddess of beauty?TungstenNo, it's vanadium
4At the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, athletes from Tajikistan and Poland respectively won the men's and women's gold medals in which field event? In 1986, the Russian Yuriy Sedykh set the men's... ..set the men's world record at 86.74 metres.Hammer throw
These bonuses are on city planning, Southampton.
4Responding to the ills of unrestricted private developers, the British urban planner Ebenezer Howard published his model for what type of city in the 1898 work To-Morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform.Garden City
4In his 1465 work, Treatise on Architecture, Antonio di Filarete proposed a model city which he calls Sforzinda after the ruler of which Italian state?Milan
4Which Swiss architect presented his vision of an ideal modern city in works such as Towards A New Architecture in 1929 and The Radiant City in 1935?Le Corbusier
5For your picture starter, you're going to see a map of the United States, however a border between two states has been erased. 10 points if you can identify the two states that have been merged on the map.Mississippi and Alabama
Following on from that super state, three more maps, but in these a border between two sovereign countries has been erased. Five points if you can identify in each case the two countries that have been merged.
5Firstly, what two European countries have been merged here?Romania and Bulgaria
5And, secondly...Afghanistan and Pakistan
5And, finally, which two African countries have been merged here?Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo
6In 2014 and 2016, which country staged the first two World Nomad Games? The venue was Cholpon-Ata, a resort town on the Issyk-Kul Lake, not far from its country's borders with Kazakhstan?Kyrgyzstan
You get a set of bonuses on Helen of Troy in stage work, Southampton.
6"The ravished Helen, Menelaus' queen, with wanton Paris sleeps, "and that's the quarrel." These words appear in the prologue to which of Shakespeare's plays?Troilus and Cressida
6In his play Helen, which Greek dramatist offered a version of the legend in which a phantom Helen absconds with Paris while the real and faithful Helen is in Egypt?Euripides
6Helen of Troy is described as "that peerless dame of Greece" by the protagonist of which play by Christopher Marlowe?Doctor Faustus
7Which early 17th century revenge tragedy is the source of the title of Stephen Fry's novel The Stars' Tennis Balls? Its themes include incestuous desire, madness and murder and along with the White Devil, it is one of the best-known works...The Duchess of Malfi
You get a set of bonuses this time on scientific terms. In each case, give the term from the description. All three begin with the same five-letter prefix.
7In biology, firstly, a term referring to any process actively used by living things to maintain stable conditions necessary for survival, such as temperature, blood oxygen, water and sugar.Homeostasis
7Secondly, a DNA sequence of around 180 base pairs which occurs in all metazoa. Genes containing this element encode DNA binding proteins that regulate gene expression and control morphogenesis and cell differentiation.HomeozygoteNo, it's homeobox
7And, finally, in mathematics, a correspondence between two figures, surfaces or other geometrical objects defined by a one-to-one mapping that is continuous in both directions.OK. HomeotopologyNo, it's homeomorphism
8Named after the Scottish botanist who first studied it in 1827, what phenomenon is the random movement of microscopic particles...?Brownian motion
Three questions on 20th century psychologists for your bonuses.
8Which Swiss psychologist was the first to make a systematic study of the acquisition of understanding in children? He's noted for his theory of the four stages of development, the first being the sensorimotor.OK. JungNo, it's Piaget
8Which German-born US psychologist conceived of eight stages of development? His psychohistory includes Young Man Luther and Gandhi's Truth: On The Origins Of Militant Nonviolence.FreudIt's Erik H Erikson
8And, finally, the author of the 1948 novel Walden Two, which US behaviourist invented the air crib tender? A large container designed to provide an optimal environment for child growth.BowlbyNo, it's BF Skinner
9Give the surname of the US economist who won the Nobel Prize in 1971. Born in the Russian Empire, he gives his name to a hypothesis that income inequality would increase and then decrease as income grew within countries.Friedman. StiglitzSimon Kuznets
10"All shall be well and all shall be well "and all manner of things shall be well." These are the words of Jesus as revealed to which medieval mystic in her Revelations of Divine Love? The first work in English... Julian of Norwich is correct, yes
A set of bonuses now on Frederic Chopin.
10Chopin composed more than 50 works for piano in the style of which Polish national dance, characterised by foot stamping and heel clicking with music in triple time?OK. PolonaiseNo, it's the mazurka
10Secondly, from the French meaning "to rock", what name is given to Chopin's piano composition in the form of a lullaby, published in 1844?PassIt's Berceuse, from bercer, "to rock"
10Chopin was a prominent composer of works for piano in what form, that of a stately dance often used to open a court ball or other royal function?OK. WaltzNo, that's a polonaise
11Right, we're going to take a music round now. For your music starter, you're going to hear a piece of popular music. For 10 points, simply give me the name of the artist you hear singing. # Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh... #That is Katy Perry, yes
That song, as you know, contains an example of the millennial whoop, a term coined by the music blogger Patrick Metzger to indicate a singer alternating between the fifth and third notes of a major scale, an especially pleasing feature of pop music of this decade. So, coming up, three more millennial whoops. Five points for each artist or group you can identify.
11Firstly, I want the name of either artist listed as collaborating in this song. # Whoa-oa-oa-oa... # Carly Rae Jepsen. Yes, the other one was Owl City or Adam Young
11Secondly, this group... # Until you go-o-o-o.Chvrches
11# Dance while we're young Oh-oh-oh-oh... # One Direction
12In the 1960s, which London-born artist evolved the op art style through which she explores the dynamic potential of optical phenomenon? An example of her work is the Fall in the collection of the Tate.Tracey Emin. Anyone like to buzz from SouthamptonIt's Bridget Riley
13What six-letter word links a mould from which a piece of type is made in printing, a rectangular array of numbers arranged in rows and columns in mathematics...?Matrix
Your bonuses are on Doris Day, Cardiff.
13In Alfred Hitchcock's 1956 film The Man Who Knew Too Much, which song performed by Doris Day won the Academy Award for the Best Original Song?We're going to pass, sorryIt's Que Sera, Sera
13Doris Day, secondly, gained her only Academy Award nomination for the 1959 film Pillow Talk. Who was her co-star playing the composer and playboy Brad Allen?Warren BeattyIt's Rock Hudson
13And, finally, in 1987, Doris Day founded a charity to educate and influence legislation in what general area?Women's rightsNo, it's animal welfare or animal protection
14What five-letter word follows salt and long in events of the 1930s associated with...?March
These bonuses, Cardiff, are on estates with landscapes designed by the 18th-century gardener Capability Brown. In each case, name the estate from the description.
14Firstly, built in the early 18th century for John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, the UNESCO world Heritage site that was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.Blenheim Palace
14Secondly, built in 1594 by Sir Walter Raleigh, the castle in Dorset that is the ancestral home of the Wingfield Digby family.Paul CastleNo, it's Sherborne Castle
14And, finally, home to the Carnarvon family, the Hampshire estate that doubled as the residence of the fictional Crawley family in the television series Downton Abbey.Grantham HouseNo, it's Highclere Castle
15In 1817, who published The History of the Island of Java, where he'd served as Lieutenant Governor during a brief period of British rule? Intent on developing British trade in eastern Asia, he later founded the Port of Singapore.MountbattenRaffles
So you get a set of bonuses this time... ..on the human skeleton.
15From the Latin for loin, what name denotes the five vertebrae that lie between the ribcage and the pelvis?Lumbar
15Secondly, what name is given to C1, the uppermost cervical vertebra at the top of the spine which supports the skull and is articulated above with the occipital bone.Atlas
15Finally, how many thoracic vertebrae are usually found in the human spine?12
16For your picture starter, you're going to see a photograph of a tourist attraction in North America. For 10 points I want you to identify its principal architect.Buckminster Fuller
That was the Montreal Biosphere which was initially designed by Buckminster Fuller for the 1967 Montreal World's Fair. Your picture bonuses, three more tourist attractions that are relics of world fairs. I want the name of the city in which each is located.
16Firstly, for five, this is in which European city?Barcelona. It's the National Palace and Magic Fountain
16Secondly, this is in which Asian city?OK. TaipeiNo, that's Shanghai. It's the China Pavilion in the 2010 Shanghai Expo
16And, finally, this is in which European city?Brussels. It is the Atomium, yes. Built for the 1958 World Fair
17In the preface to his Three Plays for Puritans, what term did George...? What term did George Bernard Shaw coin to denote what he perceived to be excessive adulation of William Shakespeare?I don't think we willIt's bardolatry
18Which city links the bear, the hen and the queen in a group of six symphonies by Hayden?Vienna. LondonNo, it's Paris
19The name of which eponymous instrument follows The Bastille and The Constitution in the titles of volumes of Thomas Carlyle's history of the French Revolution?Clarinet. ContrabassoonNo, it's the guillotine
20Which US President was in office at the time of the deaths of the Soviet leaders Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko.Ronald Reagan
They're on US presidents. In each case, name the monarch of Great Britain who acceded to the throne during the presidency of the following.
20Firstly, for five points, James Monroe.George IV
20Secondly, Andrew Jackson.Queen VictoriaNo, that was William IV in 1830
20And, finally, William Howard Taft.Edward VIINo, it was George V. Right, there's about two and three quarters minutes to go
21In logic, what property of an argument is based on the fact that the truth of the premises logically guarantees the truth at the conclusion?Coherence. CertaintyNo, it's validity
22In ornithology, what birds of the Anatidae family may be whooper, bewick's or mute?Swan
These bonuses are on astronomy, Southampton.
22In the Morgan-Keenan spectral classification of stars, what letter designates a star with spectral signatures of highly ionised silicon and nitrogen and an effective temperature of 40,000 Kelvin?Erm... MNo, it's O
22And what letter denotes stars with effective surface temperatures from about 7,500 to 10,000 Kelvin?PNo, it's A
22And, finally, what letter denotes the spectral class of our sun?CNo, it's G
23From the Greek for crescent, what term denotes the curve in the surface of a liquid caused by surface tension...?Meniscus
These bonuses are on sparkling wine.
23Which town in Piedmont has given its name to a sparkling wine made from the Moscato Bianco grape?ProseccoIt's Asti
23And, secondly, what four-letter German term denotes quality sparkling wine?BrutIt's Sekt
23And, finally, what Catalan word can mean cellar and denotes a Spanish sparkling wine, the great majority of which is produced in Catalonia.Cava
24In the standard model of particle physics, what flavour of quark has the lowest mass and the shortest name?Up
You get a set of bonuses this time on the Nobel Peace Prize.
24In each case, give the decade in which the following all received the prize.1920s
24Secondly, Lech Walesa, Desmond Tutu and the 14th Dalai Lama.