Season 47, Episode 2

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 What natural phenomenon links a 1915 novel by DH Lawrence, a 1998 work by Richard Dawkins whose title...?Rainbow
Three questions on a number for the first set of bonuses, Bristol.
1What nickname did its publicist Emil Gutmann give to Mahler's Symphony No 8 in E flat major, first performed in full in Munich in 1910?TitanNo, it was the Symphony Of A Thousand
1Garibaldi's Expedition Of The Thousand landed at the port of Marsala in May 1860, and later led to the overthrow of which kingdom of southern Italy?NaplesNo, it's the Kingdom Of The Two Sicilies
1And named after the British Major General, Wolf Island is the largest of the group known as the Thousand Islands, located within which river?YukonNo, it's the Saint Lawrence River in Canada
2"Thank God I should have lived to witness a day "in which England is willing to give 20 million sterling "for the abolition of slavery." These were the words of which parliamentarian, shortly before his death in 1833?William Wilberforce
You get a set of bonuses, Trinity College, on dogs in children's literature.
2Firstly, which eponymous dog features in the 1956 novel by the US author Fred Gibson?LassieNo, it's Old Yeller
2Secondly, 1963 saw the first of a series of children's books by Norman Bridwell, the hero of which soon became a mascot for the Scholastic Books publishing company.Clifford
2In the first of the Harry Potter books, what is the name of the giant, three-headed dog guarding the Philosopher's Stone in Hogwarts school...?Fluffy
3What non-orientable surface was the form of a conveyor belt patented by the US industrialist BF Goodrich...?Mobius strip
You get a set of bonuses on physics.
3Firstly, Gong, the Global Oscillation Network Group, is a programme studying the internal structural dynamics of what body?The sun
3Chime, the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment, is designed to study the traces of primordial cosmic waves in hydrogen gas by detecting what form of electromagnetic radiation?MicrowaveIt's radio waves
3And finally, Haarp, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Programme, has been used to transmit radio waves to study the behaviour of what specific region of the Earth's atmosphere?The stratosphereNo, it's the ionosphere, the specific term I wanted
4JD Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye refers to which of Dickens's characters in its opening sentence?David Copperfield
You get a set of bonuses on the cricketer Hanif Mohammad, who died in August 2016.
4In 1958, Hanif made 337 for Pakistan against the West Indies in what was the longest Test innings.700No, it's 970 so I can't accept that
4Hanif had three brothers who played Test cricket for Pakistan. Name any one of the three.MohsinNo, they were Wazir, Mushtaq and Sadiq
4And finally, in 1959, Hanif scored 499 for Karachi against Bahawalpur. This was the highest first-class individual score until 1994, when it was broken by which west Indian?Brian Lara
5For your picture starter, you're going to see an artist's impression of the entrance to a public lavatory. For ten points, I want you to identify the language in which the signs are written.Welsh. The signs, of course, said "Men" and "Women"
For your picture bonuses, you'll see toilet signs in three more languages. Again, in each case, I simply want you to identify the language.
5Firstly, for five, this Mediterranean language.Turkish
5Secondly, this European language.HungarianNo, it's Albanian
5And finally, a European language.MacedonianNo, it's Romanian
6What collective name has been given to these figures? The first carried a bow and was given a crown, the second was given a sword... Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
You get a set of bonuses on potatoes in art, Bristol.
6Largely abstract, although derived from a female figure, Potato is a work of 1928 by which Spanish artist? Born in Barcelona in 1893, he's commonly associated with the surrealist movement.DaliNo, it wasn't, it was Miro
6The Potato Harvest is an oil painting of 1885 by which French artist? One of the founders of the Barbizon school, his other notable works include The Angelus.Marcel DuchampNo, it's Millet
6And finally, The Potato Eaters is an oil painting of 1885 by which artist who was born in Zundert in The Netherlands?VermeerNo, in 1885, no, it's Van Gogh
7Name any two of the four chemical elements discovered by William Hyde Wollaston and Smithson Tennant in the early years of the 19th century. All four are in the platinum group.Iridium and palladium. The other two are osmium and rhodium
You get a set of bonuses on films about writer's block, Bristol.
7The 1987 film Throw Momma From The Train starred Billy Crystal as a creative writing teacher suffering from writer's block and marked the directorial debut of which actor?Tom HanksNo, it was Danny DeVito
7Secondly for five points, the 1991 Palme d'Or winner, Barton Fink, in which the eponymous playwright suffers from an acute block, was born out of the Coen brothers' struggle with the making of which film of 1990? It stars Gabriel Byrne and John Turturro.The Big LebowskiIt was Miller's Crossing
7And finally, the 2004 film Secret Window stars Johnny Depp as a blocked writer and is an adaptation of the novella Secret Window, Secret Garden by which US author?Truman CapoteNo, it's Stephen King
8The works of the US author Walter Tevis include the novels The Hustler and The Color Of Money, as well as which science fiction novel of 1963? It formed the basis of a film of 1976, directed by Nicholas Roeg and starring David Bowie.The Man Who Fell To Earth
Your bonuses this time are on Lloyd George's coalition government, Trinity.
8Who was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer in December 1916? Born in Canada, he was briefly Prime Minister in 1922 and '23.Bonar Law
8Secondly, the half-brother of a future Prime Minister, who was Secretary of State for India from 1915-17? He was a joint winner of the 1925 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in bringing about the Locarno Pact.Austen Chamberlain
8Which former Prime Minister became Foreign Secretary in December 1916? The following year, he issued a declaration in favour of a Jewish national homeland in Palestine.Balfour
9For your music starter, you'll hear a piece of classical music. Ten points if you can name the composer. FRENCH HORN PLAYSMozart's Horn Concerto is correct
You're going to hear three more pieces of music in which horns feature prominently. In each case, simply name the composer.
9First, the composer of this piece... HORN PLAYSIt is Haydn, his Horn Concerto in D.
9 And secondly... BRASS INSTRUMENTS PLAY Mahler.It is Gustav Mahler, Symphony No 1
9HARPSICHORD AND STRINGS ACCOMPANY HORNS It is Bach, yes, the Brandenburg Concerto No 1
10Which decade saw the completion of Saint Anselm's Monologion, the Seljuk defeat at...? The Seljuk defeat at the Byzantine Empire at the Battle of Manzikert, Emperor Henry IV's penance at Canossa and the Revolt of the Earls against William the Conqueror.The 11thNo, it's the 1070s
11What two-word collective name is given to Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak? They form part of a constellation named after a figure sometimes identified as a son of Poseidon.Orion's Belt
You get three questions on the Victorian writer and illustrator Kate Greenaway.
11A noted illustration by Greenaway depicts angelic children following which distinctive figure? The title character of a narrative poem by Robert Browning.Pied Piper
11One biographer notes that her images of young girls ministered to his obsession for Rose La Touche, who was nearly 30 years his junior.John Ruskin
11In a 1952 story, which enduring children's character is dragooned into wearing what he calls a green cataway costume for a village event? It's torn to rags by a Scottie and a mastiff.Just William
12Mentioned in the Avesta and the biblical Book of Tobit, the city of Rey, known in Latin as Rhagae, was a predecessor of which populous world capital? It's located about 100km south of the Caspian Sea.Tehran
Right, your bonuses are on biology this time, Bristol.
12From the Greek for wave-writer, what instrument consists of a revolving drum on which a pen moves, recording changes in various physiological measurements?A spirographNo, it's a kymograph
12Secondly, what does a sphygmomanometer measure?Blood alcohol levelNo, it's blood pressure
12And finally, a myograph measures the force produced by contraction in what body tissue?The eyeNo, it's muscle
13In the abbreviation HDL cholesterol, for what do the letters HDL...?High density lipoprotein
You get a set of bonuses on King Zog of Albania.
13Firstly for five points, after serving as president for several years, Ahmed Bey Zogu proclaimed himself King of Albania during which decade?1930sNo, it was the 1920s, 1928, to be precise
13Zog's regime drew heavily on the myth of which Albanian national hero, born in 1405? He's known in Turkish as Iskender Bey.King AlexanderNo, it's Skanderbeg
13Zog went into exile in 1939 when Albania became a protectorate of which country?Italy
14Of which artistic movement did Kenneth Clark say "they did not set out to be popular. "On the contrary, they became resigned to public ridicule, "but in the end they achieved a modest measure of success"?Pop artImpressionists
Your bonuses are on cosmology this time.
14In 1931, which astronomer at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium published a paper on the primeval atom, usually cited as the first assertion of the Big Bang theory?That was Georges Lemaitre
14Lemaitre later spoke of the vanished brilliance of the origin of the world. Patrick Moore likened this vanished brilliance to what form of radiation, known by the abbreviation CMB?Cosmic microwave background
14CMB radiation was discovered accidentally by the US scientists Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson during which decade?1940sNo, it's the 1960s
15For ten points, I want you to identify the two figures depicted.George III and Napoleon Bonaparte
That 1803 cartoon, depicting George III as the King of Brobdingnag from Swift's Gulliver's Travels, was by James Gillray, who has been called the father of the political cartoon, as you know. For your bonuses, you're going to see three more of his cartoons.
15Firstly, who's the political figure depicted prominently here?Pitt the Younger
15And secondly, who's the political writer and theorist depicted on the right?John LockeNo, it's Thomas Paine
15Finally, what event is depicted here?The Battle of the Nile
16"Though I am not naturally honest, I am so sometimes by chance." Which play by Shakespeare includes those words of the roguish Autolycus?The Winter's Tale
Your bonuses are on European history, Bristol. In each case, give the century in which the named monarchs held power.
16Firstly, King Frederick II of Denmark and Norway, Charles I of Spain and William the Silent of The Netherlands.The 15thNo, it was the 16th century, the 1500s
16Secondly, King Philip VI of France, Peter I of Portugal and Dmitriy Donskoi of Russia.17thNo, that was the 14th century
16And finally, King Gustaf V of Sweden, Haakon VII of Norway and Boris III of Bulgaria.Correct
17In physics, what seven-letter term describes one of two or more atomic nuclei that contain the same number of neutrons... Isotone is correct
These bonuses are on paradoxes, Bristol.
17"The slower will never be overtaken by the quicker" is one formulation of a paradox named after which Greek philosopher of the fifth century BC?Zeno
17The Greek seer Epimenides is associated with the liar's paradox.Crete
17"I know that I know nothing." These words state a paradox usually named after which Greek philosopher who died in 399 BC?Socrates
18The name of which country appears within words meaning "underwater breathing apparatus" and to "keep eggs warm"?Cuba
You get three bonuses on science, Bristol.
18What is the predominant geometric shape of cross-sections of the columns of basalt such as those that form the Giant's Causeway?A hexagon
18What is the sum of the internal angles of a regular hexagon?720
18The polar cloud of which planet has been observed to form a hexagonal vortex?VenusNo, it's Saturn
19Which alkali feldspar mineral appears on the Mohs scale of hardness...?Orthoclase feldspar
Your bonuses this time are on words or names that end in the letter I. In each case, give the word from the definition. All three answers have the same number of letters.
19First, the surname of the track athlete known as The Flying Finn.PassThat was Nurmi
19Secondly, Chinese ideographs that are used in Japanese writing in addition to the kana syllabary.KanjiCorrect
19Finally, a hoofed mammal with striped legs that's a close relative of the giraffe.Okapi
20Answer in English or German. Which loose association of 39 states was formed at the Congress of Vienna in 1815 to replace the Holy Roman Empire?Confederation of the RhineIt's the Deutscher Bund, or German Confederation
21Gondar, Mekele and Dire Dawa are among the cities of which African country? It's the world's most populous landlocked sovereign state.NigeriaEthiopia
A set of bonuses on monasteries for you.
21Referring to sections of monastic rules that were read aloud, what two-word term denotes a formal meeting room in a monastery?PassIt's a chapter house
21What six-letter term denotes the communal dining room of a monastery?Frater
21What is a reredorter? The ruined priory of Castle Acre in Norfolk, for example, has one of the best-preserved examples in England.PassThey were lavatories
22Answer promptly with a single word. What is the second noun in the first line of Milton's Paradise Lost?