Season 47, Episode 1

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 The white witch moth, at up to 30 centimetres, the large flying fox at 1.5 metres or more, the wandering albatross at 3.63 metres, and the Hughes H-4 Hercules Spruce Goose... .Wingspan
The first set of bonuses are on travel guides, Ulster.
1"All you've got to do is decide to go "and the hardest part is over - so go." This is the self-stated philosophy of which travel guide publisher, founded in the 1970s by Maureen and Tony Wheeler?Lonely Planet
1Secondly, the choice of name for which series of boutique hotel guides was described by one of its founders as, quote, "A sort of two fingers up at the other guidebooks, "which were all a bit 'No sex, please, we're British'"?The Blue GuideNo, it's certainly not, it's Mr Mrs Smith!
1And finally, founded in Germany in 1827, the name of which publisher is synonymous with early 20th century European travel?Baedeker
2An Ancient Greek word meaning "a steersman" is the source of what five-letter prefix, now commonly used in words relating to computers and virtual reality, and specifically forming terms relating to the internet?Cyber
These bonuses are on fate, fortune and destiny. In each case, identify the tragedy by Shakespeare in which the following lines occur.
2Firstly - "An admirable evasion of whoremaster man, "to lay his goatish disposition to the charge of a star!"King Lear
2Secondly - "Our indiscretion sometimes serves us well "when our deep plots do pall: and that should teach us "there's a divinity that shapes our ends.Julius CaesarNo, it's Hamlet
2And finally - "Men at some time are masters of their fates. "The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves, "that we are underlings."Troilus and CressidaNo, that's Cassius to Brutus in Julius Caesar
310 points for this... "If I had been rich, "I probably would not have devoted myself to mathematics." These are the words of which French scientist, the author of Analytic Mechanics? A contemporary of Laplace and Lavoisier, he gives his name to an equilibrium point in astronomy.Lagrange
So your first set of bonuses, Edinburgh, are on Britain and Australia.
3Firstly for five, in 1908 the Summer Olympics were held in London for the first time. In which year did Melbourne become the first Australian city to host the Summer Olympics?1960No, it was 1956
3On February 14th, 1966, Australia replaced pounds, shillings and pence with dollars and cents.Five
3How many full decades passed between the appointment of Margaret Thatcher and Julia Gillard as the first women to become Prime Minister of their respective countries?Three
4In the 1870s, the Governor-General of India, Lord Lytton, described which country as "an earthen pipkin between two metal pots"? British forces made two interventions there... .Afghanistan
Your bonuses this time are on biochemistry.
4Firstly, which molecule is the basic building block for fatty acid synthesis?GlycerolNo, it's acetyl coenzyme A. Oh, OK, fair enough
4And secondly, the first reaction of the fatty acid biosynthetic pathway involves the carboxylation of acetyl-CoA to form malonyl-CoA. Which B vitamin acts as a coenzyme in this reaction?B12No, it's B7, Biotin
4The elongation of the fatty acid chain to 16 or 18 carbons occurs with the help of the protein cofactor ACP. For what do the letters ACP stand?Acetyl-colon-estuary proteinNo, no, it's acyl carrier protein
5For your picture starter, you'll see a map marked with a simplified route of an outbound notable expedition. For 10 points, I want you to name either of the people principally noted for making this journey in the 1830s.Charles Darwin
So following on from the Beagle's expedition to the Galapagos, your picture bonuses are three more maps showing the routes of significant expeditions. Again, I want you to name the person or persons noted for making the journey.
5Firstly, for five, I want the group of people who set out on this journey in 1846.KlondikersNo, those are the Donner Party, or the Donner-Reed Party
5Secondly, who led this expedition, which ended in mutiny in 1611?So, Hudson
5And finally, I want the person famous for this journey, which began in 1577.Sir Francis Drake
6Paolo Veronese, Tintoretto, and the British artist Winifred Knights are among those who've painted which Biblical feast? It is the occasion of the first miracle attributed to Jesus in St John's Gospel.Wedding Day at Cana
Ulster, these bonuses are on works composed while their author was in prison. In each case, name the work and the author.
6Firstly, a Latin work translated into English by both Alfred the Great and Elizabeth I, and written when its author was imprisoned by Theodoric the Great.It's The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius
6Secondly, an English prose narrative printed by Caxton in 1485 and believed to have been written by an incarcerated Warwickshire knight before 1470.Geoffrey ChaucerNo, it's Malory's Morte d'Arthur
6And finally, an English prose work published posthumously in 1905. It takes its title from the first two words of a psalm in the Vulgate.De Profundis. By Oscar Wilde
7The wide tract of forest and saltwater swamp known as the Sundarbans forms the lower part of the delta of which river?The Ganges Brahmaputra
Right, these bonuses are on Mexico.
7Coahuila, the third largest Mexican state, is about twice the size of Scotland and similar in size to which Asian country, one of the most densely populated in the world?Er, Bangladesh
7What is the second largest Mexican state?OK, er, Sonora
7And finally, situated between Sonora and Coahuila, what is the largest state of Mexico?Chihuahua
8In mathematics, what six-letter term is defined as the attribute of being either odd or even? In economics, the same term is denoted by one of the letters in the abbreviation of the theory of exchange rates known as PPP.Parity
You get a set of bonuses, Edinburgh, on football and poetry.
8In 2010, who wrote the poem Achilles, after David Beckham sustained an injury to his Achilles tendon that kept him out of that year's World Cup?Is it Carol Ann Duffy
8Which Scottish poet tells the story of a declining football club in his 1993 collection Nil Nil? His other works include God's Gift To Women and The Book Of Shadows.FieldingNo, it's Don Paterson
8Finally, who said, "I liked the idea that poetry was unpopular, "that it was like being the goalkeeper..."? In 2015, he was elected Professor of Poetry at Oxford.I don't think there's any point, we'll just passThat was Simon Armitage
9For your music starter you're going to hear a version of a theme song of a television show. 10 points if you can tell me its composer. JAUNTY FLUTE TUNE PLAYSHoward Goodall
So, Ulster, you get a set of music bonuses. Three more of Howard Goodall's themes for television. This time for the points I'll need the title of the programme each was written for.
9Firstly for five... # The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want... # It's the Vicar of Dibley
9DRUM INTRO # It's cold outside... # Red Dwarf is right
10After a long-legged and long-necked bird, what name is given to the dwarf shrub Vaccinium Oxycoccus? Originally known in England as marshwort or fenberry. It is cultivated commercially for its dark red acidic fruit.Cranberry
Right, these bonuses are on animals whose common name closely resembles their scientific name, for example the Western gorilla known as Gorilla gorilla. In each case identify the animal from the description. A single word answer is sufficient in each case.
10Firstly, the largest land mammal of North America, hunted almost to extinction in the 19th century?Bison
10Secondly, a common green lizard of Central and South America, mostly herbivorous, they may grow to over two metres in length?ChameleonNo, it's iguana
10And finally, a medium-sized cat with distinctive tufted ears, native to the forests of Europe and Asia?Lynx
11Born in 1772, the utopian thinker Charles Fourier made many unusual predictions, among them that, once the rain of universal harmony began, the seas would lose their salinity... ..and turn into pink lemonade.Lemonade
Right, your bonuses this time, Edinburgh, are on physics. In each case I will read a fragment of the full definition of an SI base unit, simply name the unit, please.
11Firstly, between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom.Second
11Next, a force equal to 2 x 10 to the -7 Newton per meter of length.Ampere
11And finally, 1/683 watt per steradian.Candela
12In biology, what term describes a solution that has the same osmotic pressure as another particular solution... Isotonic
They are on the US Nobel laureate Jody Williams.
12Jody Williams received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 for her work in the ICBL, the international campaign to ban what?Land mines
12From 1986 to 1992, Williams was deputy director of a medical aid organisation in which Central American country?El Salvador
12In 1999, 120 states signed a convention banning the use, production, sale and stockpiling of antipersonnel mines. After which Commonwealth capital is it named?Ottawa
13Literally meaning to show a fig, what word for a type of informer in ancient Athens entered English in the 16th century with the meaning of a false accuser? It has since come to mean a servile flatterer...Sycophant
You retake the lead and your bonuses this time are on a Yorkshire landowning family.
13Born in 1826, Sir Tatton Sykes is described as an inveterate restorer of what?Erm... CastlesNo, they were churches, mainly in the East Riding
13Sykes's son Mark was a diplomat who give his name, in part, to a secret accord of 1916 concerning the dismemberment of which Empire?Ottoman
13Sir Mark Sykes's son Christopher produced the authorised biography of which major novelist, born in London in 1903?Somerset MaughamNo, it's Evelyn Waugh
14For your picture starter you'll see a photograph of an actor, 10 points if you can give me his name, please.Yul Brynner
Yul Brynner was one of a select few to have won both a Tony Award and an Academy Award for playing the same role on stage and then on screen. For your bonuses, three more actors who achieved the same distinction, five points for each you can name.
14Firstly...Joel EdwardsIt was Joel Grey, I'm afraid
14Secondly, the actor on the right in this picture.No, no... Richard HarrisNo, that's Paul Schofield
14And finally, the actor on the right here.Rex Harrison. He played Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady
15Known in English by a two-word name, which historical German province was divided between the Soviet Union and Poland in 1945? It's capital was...East Prussia
You take the lead and your bonuses are on the films of Martin Scorsese.
15Which 1974 comedy drama concerns a widow who heads to California with her young son in search of a better life but ends up waitressing in Arizona? Ellen Burstyn won the Best Actress Academy Award for her title performance.Erm...Quiz ShowNo, it's Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More
15Secondly, in Scorsese's controversial film adaptation of Nikos Kazantzakis's book, The Last Temptation Of Christ, which British singer songwriter and actor played Pontius Pilate?PassIt was David Bowie
15Finally, Scorsese's first film to be shot in 3D, what is the title of the 2011 story of a boy who lives in the Gare Montparnasse in Paris in the 1930s?Hugo
16Minor characters in which Victorian novel include the auctioneer Borthrop Trumbull, Mrs Cadwallader, wife of the Rector of Tipton and Freshitt, the Tory lawyer Frank Hawley and the lady's maid Tantrip?Middlemarch
They are on words that contain the Latin word "ergo" meaning therefore. For example, undergod, overgoes and ergophobia. In each case give the word from the definition.
16First an arbour or covered walk formed of horizontal trellis work supported on columns.Pergola
16Secondly, one who squanders money on possessions, a wastrel or spendthrift.Sorry, we don't have itThat's a scattergood
16And finally, a disease of cereal grasses, it's particularly associated with rye.Ergotism
17The reign of which British monarch saw the publication of Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver's Travels, the death of Sir Isaac Newton and the bursting of the South Sea Bubble?James II. George IINo, it was George I
18What Greek derived term describes a fast heart rate above 100 beats a minute?Tachycardia
They are on the seven summits as defined by the Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner. That is the highest mountain on each continent. In each case, name the peak from it's geographical coordinates.
18First, 3.06 degrees south, 37.36 degrees east.Kilimanjaro
18Secondly, 32.65 degrees south, 70.02 degrees west.Aconcagua
18Finally, 27.99 degrees north and 89.93 degrees east.Everest
19"Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas, only "I don't know exactly what they are." In Through The Looking Glass, Alice says this of which poem?